Flex supports most common barcode scanners including wireless, Bluetooth, and USB wedge-style scanners. Scanners are supported via a quick and easy to use scanning process offering rich progress feedback, instant error notifications, and voice prompts for long-range wireless operation. Flex can integrate directly with specific networked barcode printers, eliminating the need for pre-printing barcodes or using third party label printing software.

Scanner Recommendations

Preferred scanners allow configuration of “prefix” and “suffix” characters. If configured, Flex can detect a barcode scan without requiring you to move the cursor to a barcode entry field prior to scanning. We also support all standard symbologies, including Code 39, Code 128, Interleave 2 of 5, and 2D symbologies like maxicode and PDF417.

Scanner Configuration Rules

  1. Print and scan Symbol/Motorola Scanner Programming for Hands-Free Use
  2. Print and scan DataLogic Scanner Programming for Hands-Free Use
  3. If your barcode scanner is different than the resources provided, you will need to program the prefix and the suffix of the scanner with the following rules: Configure prefix: using combination of shift/6, then Configure suffix: return.

If your scanner is not able to use the rule(s) above, the Flex Forum has many rules provided from customers to assist you.

The Flex Forum: Scanner Help

Barcode Label Printer Recommendations and Setup

Flex is compatible with Zebra barcode printers that use EPL2 programming language and are Wifi (wifi option requires Windows OS for setup, Zebra does not have a Mac setup utility) or Ethernet (pc & mac) connected (not USB compatible). Flex recommends the following printers: Zebra GX42 Wifi or Zebra GK42 Ethernet. Barcode Label recommendations: Zebra Z-Ultimate 3000T Label (Standard Size 2×1) or Zebra Z-Ultimate 3000T Label (Size Options). Printer Ribbon Recommendation: Zebra 5095 Performance Resin.

The proper configurations are essential to complete a successful setup, and if you are unsure or need assistance, please contact an IT professional. Flex does not assist with network configurations. Do not perform installation steps included with the printer. Please follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a Static (public) IP (ipv4 only). If you don’t currently have a static IP, contact your ISP or an IT professional for assistance. If you do not have a static IP, you can use your dynamic IP, however it will change on you regularly because it is dynamic, and you will have to follow this procedure again to update your IP address whenever it changes (you can find this dynamic IP at
  2. Only two connection methods are supported: Ethernet (Cat5) or Wireless
  3. Assign an Internal IP to your Zebra barcode printer using router administration.
  4. Port forward 9100 to printer’s assigned IP
  5. In Flex, go to System Settings > Raw Printers > Open the Raw Printer > enter the IP address (host name), and click “Save”. You should now be able to print.

If you have additional questions, please contact