Do Flex users have the capability to link to Google Calendar?
Yes, Flex integrates with multiple Google Calendars and also with Facebook Events.

I am currently using rental software; do you offer data services to export my existing data and import into Flex?
Yes, we export data from Orion, R2, RPM (Rental and Production Manager), IntelliEvent Express & Lightning, Tentmaker, Easyjob, Solutions by Computer and possibly others. Please contact sales (sales@flexrentalsolutions.com) for details.

Is there a service agreement or cost for support?
The monthly subscription includes support and updates.

What does the backup and restore do for us?
All customer data is backed up nightly to a geographically distributed storage cloud. In the unlikely event of data loss or a system crash, we can restore the server with the previous night’s data within just a few hours. The system is very reliable due to the use of redundant network storage for live data.

How do I import my data?
Data import can be done manually or we can import contacts and inventory for you. We can provide Excel templates to make the process easier, or we write a custom program to import your raw data, billed hourly as custom programming.

Does Flex support RFID?
While Flex has the ability to support RFID, we have not developed this functionality due to our belief that RFID will reduce your accountability, accuracy and flexibility. Our current process ensures production managers have the information related to all scans. Accuracy is provided through Flex with audio and visual feedback to ensure consistently correct scan captures, and our software supports the industry practice of cases inside cases.