JUNE 10-11


Flex Rental Solutions annual user training conference is back and better than ever. This year features new speakers, new content, and a focus on the future of inventory management so you can get ahead of the competition. This year’s new motto is “Scan Less, Do More.” Your business won’t be the same after this event.

What's New?

This year we're looking ahead with new content focused on the future of Flex Rental Solutions and inventory management. We also have new speakers that will dig deep into some of the topics that impact rental and inventory management - from new scanning technology, to labor scheduling and and communication, and more.

New RFID Class

RFID technology will make you rethink your current warehouse workflow and how you track and manage your inventory. Learn how you can significantly reduce scan time and operational costs with RFID. In this session, you’ll get an introductory course on everything RFID - from hardware to implementation and best practices. Don't miss this chance to see how combining best-in-class inventory management with cutting-edge RFID technology can set you apart from your competitors.

Featured Key Note Speaker: Tom Stimson

Tom Stimson MBA, CTS helps owners and management teams rediscover the fun and profit that comes from making better decisions about smarter goals. He is an expert on project-based selling and a thought leader for innovative business processes. Since 2006, Tom has successfully advised over two hundred companies and organizations on business strategy, process, marketing, and sales.


The Venue

Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, FL

Join us at Rosen Centre in Orlando near the Orange County Convention Center. This meeting space will guarantee that you're learning and training on your industry in a comfortable setting with access to lounge areas, complimentary wi-fi, dedicated meeting areas, catered buffet-style lunch, and access to world-class amenities.

The Speakers


Lisa Fossler

Customer Support Specialist - Basic Track


Branden Rosenlof

Flex Product Manager - Intermediate Track


Chris Stein

CEO - Advanced Track


Markus Marrott

Onboarding Specialist - Advanced Track

The Schedule

How do these tracks work? Users have the option of choosing any of the classes available. The tracks are merely guides to help you choose the classes better suited for your needs, level of Flex knowledge, and background. If you have any questions about any of the classes you can email us at info@flexrentalsolutions.com

Flex Basic Track

Who is this track for?

The courses in this track are specifically designed for new customers or existing customers with new users that need to get up to speed. It's also designed for sales and business development managers using Flex to build quotes and sell to their customers.

Day One - Monday, June 10

Registration (8:30AM-9:00AM)

Welcome (9:00AM-9:45AM)

Session One (10:00AM-12:00PM): Crash Course Part One 

This introductory session will provide a detailed overview of business locations, corporate identities, contacts, inventory, and building quotes.

Lunch (12:00-1:00PM)

Session Two (1:00-3:00PM): Crash Course Part Two

In this session you'll learn about pull sheets, rental and purchase orders, warehouse scanning, and job invoicing.

Session Three (3:15PM-5:15PM): Job Building Best Practices

Learn some of the best ways to build and manage jobs in your system. We will especially look at some of the best ways to manage larger jobs in your system.

Day Two - Tuesday, June 11

Session Four (8:30AM-10:15AM): Tom Stimson Keynote: How to Optimize Warehouse Operations and Why Common Sense Has It All Wrong

The most valuable asset in your warehouse is the floor. We all know this intuitively, yet traditional operations best practices demonstrate that we don't actually understand it. In this presentation, Live Event expert and Business Consultant Tom Stimson will identify five beliefs that are widely accepted as common sense but undermine efficiency, accuracy, and profitability of production rental warehouse operations. You will also learn the three guiding principles of operations management and how to start implementing them tomorrow.

Session Five (10:30AM-12:00PM): Labor & Staffing Roundtable

Join Flex CEO Chris Stein, Consultant Tom Stimson, Angela Alea with LASSO, and Jason Harmer with CrewDriver during a Labor & Staffing Roundtable while they discuss the trends and issues impacting how we staff our business and hire contingent labor.

Lunch (12:00-1:00PM)

Session Six (1:00PM-3:00PM): The Evolving World of Event Workforce Technology & the Cost of Doing Nothing presented by LASSO

The majority of the Event industry’s workforce does not work behind a desk. While “on-the-go”, they require dynamic tools to help them when and where the work is performed.  Historically, our industry has been slow to adopt technology, but with millennials now firmly entrenched in the workforce, the question of whether or not technology will be adopted is no longer valid.  They will. They crave it.

Many companies are slow to move away from manual workflow processes and are reluctant to add any perceived costs such as implementing software.  What they don’t know is the cost of not moving fast to give people the technology and data they need to make good decisions and more efficiently do their jobs, is crippling them. In this session, we will be reviewing how event workforce technology has evolved and discuss research that will enable benchmarking of internal processes and help companies remain competitive.

  • the roadblocks faced when it comes to workforce technology as well as best practices for overcoming them
  • the challenges most companies face when organizing, scheduling and managing their people and how technology can impact or alleviate these challenges
  • the direct and indirect costs associated with not adopting technology into internal workflows
  • how integrated technology can create a straight-through workflow that saves a significant amount of time and money
  • the top 5 ways companies can use technology to keep their best people happy and coming back

Session Seven (3:15pm-5:15PM): Crewing Workshop - What do I need? Life after spreadsheets with Jason Harmer of CrewDriver

What you'll leave with: A concrete plan to improve your crewing process, including tools and connectors.

As a group we'll:

  1. Document your crewing process from quote to payroll using a fill in the blanks, big picture, formatted handout.
  2. Map your tools, connections, and staff onto these different functional areas.
  3. Workshop the process, compare notes, talk about tools and rough spots and find efficiencies  (and hopefully find something better than a spreadsheet).
  4. Create a plan to upgrade and simplify your workflow with practical tools and methods.

If there's time we'll bust out the healing crystals, hold hands, and group ugly-cry about our toxic relationship with excel.

J. Harmer has 20 years combined experience in production management, operations, and software and product development, and is the founder of CrewDriver. In his spare time he advocates for purpose built production tools, stronger crew relationships and possibly swears too much.

Intermediate Track
Advanced Track

Our Generous Sponsors

We want to give a special shout-out to our generous sponsors for providing us the means and resources for putting on our conference and making it a memorable and productive event for our users. If you see them at the conference, make sure to extend a warm welcome and a word of gratitude.


Early bird pricing is available until May 20, 2019 - after that the price will be $540 to attend, so make sure to register early! CANCELLATION POLICY: The registration fee is non-refundable, but in the case you're not able to attend the conference, your seat is transferrable to someone else in your company.