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We have a lot of big projects planned for the next few years at Flex: Advanced crew scheduling, multi-session event planning, the high availability cloud architecture, mobile applications and a full HTML 5 rewrite of our front end.  And we’ll need help.  A hardcore Java nerd with production industry experience would be ideal.

Here are the details:

What We’re Looking Fo

Flex Rental Solutions is seeking software engineers of all experience levels to help support a rapidly growing customer base around the world.  At Flex, you’ll work on technology that powers much of the world’s live entertainment and corporate events.  From dynamic cloud computing architecture to mobile applications to rich internet applications, a career at Flex provides a wide array of stimulating challenges for software engineers.

You’ll receive a competitive compensation package and will work from the comfort of your own home (although occasional travel may be required for training, conferences or on-site work with customers.)

Above all Flex looks for a rare combination intelligence and maturity, a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances and focus on the customer’s needs.  Our customers work in a fast paced, demanding industry and an ability to empathize with customers working under stressful conditions is essential.

Flex is currently looking for candidates with some or all the following skills and qualifications:

Education: A BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience.

Core Languages:  Java, Python, Objective-C, Javascript (client side), Actionscript, some Bash scripting

Theory: Basic knowledge of statistical methods, set and graph theory.  College Coursework that includes Discrete Mathematics is a plus.

IDE’s: Eclipse, XCode

Build Tools: Maven 3 and Gradle

Java Frameworks and API’s: Spring, Spring-MVC, Spring Security, Hibernate, JAXB, Jakarta Commons

Platforms: Linux (Ubuntu), EC2, Jetty, Memcached

Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery-ui, angular.js,

Mobile Platforms: IOS and Andriod

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to jeff [at] flexrentalsolutions [dot] com.

About Flex Rental Solutions

Flex Rental Solutions is an award winning provider of financial and inventory management solutions for the live event industry.  With an international roster of customers in the corporate a/v, concert touring, television and film industries, Flex technology manages equipment and crew scheduling for nearly 300 equipment rental and production houses worldwide.  In a few short years Flex has catapulted from newcomer to industry leader – with the industry’s first web based and only cloud based ERP system for event production.

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