Creative Visions pulls out all the stops for client events

The name for Creative Visions says it all — they know how to implement a grand vision for their clients with creativity and artistry. The Raleigh, North Carolina company was founded in 1989 by president Allin Foulkrod in his college dorm room. Back then, he was the president of DECA, a national student group that aims to develop marketing professionals and entrepreneurs. In this role, he attended hundreds of live and televised events. He observed what made the crowds cheer and clap and he saw what fell flat. He also knew he could do better. He took his knowledge, skills, and observations and decided to open his own company.

“There was a lot of room for improvement to make events more effective,” said Todd Hanson, Chief Engagement Officer at Creative Visions, “we call ourselves a strategic event solution provider. We use a process that begins with a discovery phase to learn what the client is trying to accomplish with their audience. In contrast to other AV companies, we offer strategy to help accomplish those goals.”

Creative Visions Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting eventsTheir secret weapon is a full-service Media Services Department that develops and creates everything from videos to animations for events. The Creative Visions team has worked with companies across a wide range of verticals, such as insurance, higher education, technology and pharmaceuticals.

Creative Visions invests in cutting-edge event technology for high visibility corporate events

And when it comes to deliver high caliber events — they pull out all the stops. Like that one time they invested in motion-controlled moving projection services for a fundraising campaign event for North Carolina State University.

NC State University Campaign Highlights from Creative Visions on Vimeo.

“The client invited all their top supporters to the event and needed a new way to move their audience to believe in the great work the school is doing,” said Todd, “we built a compelling story and we used technology to add that final exclamation point to the story. By using motion controlled moving projection services, we invested in new technology and skills, and pushed hard to do something that very few other companies have done. The impact on the audience was remarkable.”

International Recognition Dinner eventsTheir vision and creativity has garnered them several awards and industry recognitions. In the past 12 months alone they have won prestigious ILEA-GT Trinity Awards in several categories, including Best Corporate Event with a budget $75K-$200K, Best Event for a Non-Profit with a budget over $200K, and Best ILEA Team Effort with a budget over $200K.

The Creative Visions team makes everything about their core focus — people helping people succeed.

“We’re trying to help our clients and our client’s audience, even if sometimes that means pulling 18 to 20 hour days,” said Todd, “managing last minute changes is the most challenging aspect of the job and can create real risks. We’ll do everything we can to meet last minute changes but there are times when we will push back to avoid train wrecks. We really want all parties to succeed.”

That commitment to their clients means that Creative Visions is constantly looking for ways to deliver services in ways that are better and faster. They’ve been using Flex for three years and recently decided to invest in onsite training.

“Since our workshop with Flex’s awesome trainer, Branden Rosenlof, we’ve been able to create custom workflows that really speed up our invoicing with our accounting team, making our overall process much quicker and more streamlined,” said Bill Granger, Director of Production at Creative Visions, “while we’re just beginning to explore the possibilities, the customization features available in Flex really make it a powerful solution.”

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