Flex 4.10.1 Release

Flex will soon be releasing Flex 4.10.1 for our customers. In preparation for the release, we’ve compiled helpful Release Notes: https://dev.flexrentalsolutions.com/wiki/display/SUPPORT/4.10.1

We’ve also compiled a video of the new features and enhancements found in Flex 4.10.1: http://youtu.be/AoBI_0A-K6E?list=PLf5aJ_iH5I4pFFAEAtu_C-diYM0A_4-vo

We’re very excited about the improvements to speed in the Flex 4.10.1 release, especially in the area of search speed. We’ve switched to a powerful and fast Lucene search. This is the same search technology that Twitter uses. We look forward to your feedback on the improvements!


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