Flex Announces Release of Flex 4.12.0

Flex Released 4.12.0 to customers on October 20, 2015. The release included several new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. Updates made to the header block were well-received by customers, and a new feature that automatically provides virtual packages with a check mark when their child elements are checked received a round of applause at our recent Flex User Conference.

New Feature Highlights:

  • The behavior of virtual items on a Pull Sheet has changed. Now, when all child contents of a virtual item are scanned on the prep screen, the virtual item will receive a check mark to show it is complete.
  • Enhancements to the handling of virtual items when using Scan From Another List during the prep process.
  • The “Highlighted Notes Tab” (a feature recently released) now shows a red highlighted tab instead of yellow.
  • Updates and improvements to the PO – Not Received report.
  • Bulk workflow was updated to be less restrictive with workflow options.
  • Updated the receiving screen to allow for spaces in the serial number and stencil fields.
  • Updated simple email jobs from email address to come from USER.
  • Updated Job Costing to show specific resource types from expense sheets.
  • Updated the look of the consolidated manifest report.
  • Updates to the header block:
    • Added the ability to implement a width factor. This will change the size of the header block item on the PDF. The width is factored relative to the number of items in that row.
    • Added the ability to “Mute on PDF” any of the items in the header block. Now in Projects>Project Elements>”Quote”> Header Block Columns there will be a mute field. Any field set to Yes will not be printed to PDF by default. This can be configured for any financial document or equipment list.
    • Added the ability to select a date format. In the Header Block Column options there is now a Date Format option for dates. This change will also change the UI. For example, on quotes you now must click in a header field to get to the drop down menu or calendar.
  • Updated the Client field in edit header to be larger to allow for full names to display.

Full release notes are available here: https://dev.flexrentalsolutions.com/wiki/display/SUPPORT/4.12.0. Engineering is currently working on maintenance release 4.12.1 and will be released shortly. The team is making good progress on the development of Flex 4.13.0 planned for release by year’s end.

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