Flex Maintenance Release 4.9.1 and Overview of Upcoming Features

Our maintenance release, Flex 4.9.1, went live at the end of August, and provided fixes to identified bugs from the Flex 4.9.0 release. The maintenance release included updates to the Flex Support User, fixed an ROI error, fixed a duplicate barcode issue, improved availability/conflicts refresh, developed an equipment list report with bins, and fixed a QuickBooks GL Sync issue, among other improvements. Full maintenance release notes can be viewed here.

Up in the engineering office we’re working on some exciting new projects as well as taking care of some important housekeeping issues. The 4.10.0 release of Flex is due out in the 4-6 week timeframe, and will include a number of key performance improvements – particularly in the areas of search and pricing calculations. It will also include a large number of bug fixes, enhancements, and tweaks driven from user feedback.

Work on version 1.0 of the iOS app is entering the testing phase. The app is currently being put through formal QA testing, and the lead engineer on the mobile effort will spend some time on-site to see how iOS-based scanning works in a real-world warehouse environment this month. It should be ready to roll and in the app store by LDI in November, if not sooner.

We’re in the design phase for two other large projects. First up is Flex Commerce. Flex Commerce is designed to blend with your web site and enable your customers to browse your catalog, request quotes, prepare their own quotes, or place orders depending on your configuration preferences. We’ll also expose a REST API to companies that want more control over their online catalog and quoting process.

Next is the design of a new Multi-Session Event Planning module. The new module will introduce a consolidated interface and data model for managing complex tours and multi-session events. It will permit fine-grained scheduling of labor and equipment within an event, along with trucking and transportation logistics. The basic approach will be that an event provides a black box for event planning, and gear and labor is booked through the use of generated call sheets and equipment lists. Registration and attendance tracking will also be integrated with the module.

Finally, we’re offering the option of private test sites for our customers. Have you ever wanted to test out a new feature or train a new employee on Flex, but been afraid of messing up your current system in the process? Now you can test and experiment without fear of negatively impacting your current workflow. We can provide you with a carbon copy of your current Flex Instance as a test site: a private place for you and your team to try out new features and enhancements, train new employees on your workflow, and make process improvement decisions on a site built with your inventory and workflows, all without impacting your day to day business. Companies may request a test site through emailing sales@flexrentalsolutions.com. A private test site is $50 per month.

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