Flex Mobile Will be Releasing Monday, December 8!

Flex Mobile is releasing Monday, December 8, after 11 AM Pacific/ 2 PM Eastern through the Apple App Store!

Flex Mobile allows our Flex customers to take our industry-leading warehouse technology wherever you go. Scanning no longer is limited to within reach of your computer. Flex Mobile is designed natively for iPhone or iPad, and is built for ease of use on small devices.

Pricing: Flex Mobile is being offered at an introductory price of $19.99 per device. This is a one-time purchase, and there is no recurring fee for use of Flex Mobile. This price includes all software updates and support.

Flex Mobile Overview: Flex customers can use their iPhone or iPad to scan out gear, easily log damage to gear while in the field, and scan gear back into the warehouse. Every team member who has an iPhone or iPad can utilize Flex Mobile simultaneously. Updates from Flex Mobile actions are 100% synchronized with your company’s Flex software and other Flex Mobile users, providing real-time information for all users.

With Flex Mobile, users can review calendars, pull-sheets, and manifests easily from one’s device. The device can pair with a Bluetooth scanner for ease of scanning, or, the camera on the device can be used for scanning if necessary. Team members can now conveniently have a Flex Mobile scanner on their phone and in their pocket for ease of use.

Freelancers can also download and use Flex Mobile. Permissions can be set by each individual company for freelancer access to company Flex accounts, making the use of Flex Mobile seamless for employees and freelancers alike.

Helpful tips for success when using this introductory version of Flex Mobile:

  1. You MUST reset the scanning device (unprogram/restore all defaults) prior to pairing the device with the app.
  2. Please verify after each login that the location settings are valid.
  3. Flex Mobile was designed for personal devices. At this time, the app keeps you logged in. Please be aware of this should you decide to use Flex Mobile on a shared device.

Development of Flex Mobile is ongoing. We’ll release our first update in the next few weeks. These enhancements will include, among other things:

  • A PIN-based login/logout enhancement.
  • Location default by user preferences in Flex.

Please review our Flex Mobile Introductory Videos to best prepare you for setting up and using Flex Mobile: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf5aJ_iH5I4ps4TRXGgv-jMowGmileBXm

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