Flex Rental Solutions Releases Version 4.17.0

Flex Rental Solutions released version 4.17.0 of the company’s flagship web-based rental management software during the first few weeks of July. This is the fifth major and sixth total software release by the company since the start of 2016. This newest release includes several new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. Select improvements include ability to scan and return multiple non-serialized items at one time, the addition of several fields to data producers for custom reports, reporting enhancements for several reports, and an upgrade of the database connection pool to the highest performing JDBC connection pool currently available. The full Release Notes can be viewed at https://dev.flexrentalsolutions.com/wiki/display/SUPPORT/4.17.0

The team is actively developing and quality assurance testing version 4.18.0 and working on database development to support an HTML5 UI. The upcoming release includes further performance improvements, new features, and bug fixes. Flex Rental Solutions, founded in 2009, provides customizable rental management software. For more information about Flex, awarded Rental and Staging Systems Best Rental Management Software at InfoComm 2015 and 2012, please visit http://flexrs.wpengine.com/or email info@flexrentalsolutions.com.

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