Flex Users Seminars in Sydney & Perth Australia

Flex Users Seminars offered in Australia August 31, September 1, and September 4

Register today to join us for a Full-Day Flex Users Seminar geared toward either beginner/intermediate or advanced/expert Flex users.

The Flex Users Seminars are being co-sponsored by Dream Catcha Productions (Perth) and AV1 (Sydney). Seminar registration includes a full day of training delivered by Chris, best practices, Q&A, lunch, and a Flex t-Shirt. Spaces are limited, and wifi will be available at both seminar locations.

Register today to attend the seminar that best meets your training and location needs. Please include any specific questions you have regarding Flex in the registration to help ensure they can be addressed during the seminar.

Seminar Registration Links:

August 31 – Sydney: Beginner/Intermediate Flex Users Seminar

September 1 – Sydney: Advanced/Expert Flex Users Seminar

September 4 – Perth: Beginner/Intermediate Flex Users Seminar

Tentative Seminar Schedule for Beginner/Intermediate Seminars:


  • Flex Basics (creating users/contacts, security groups, basic settings).
  • Quote Training (creating and editing quotes, basic workflow overview, and more).
  • Quote Reports (sending PDFs, enabling reports, report options).


  • Inventory Overview (creating new inventory, adding pricing info, suggestions, preferred suppliers, and more).
  • Warehouse Process (creating and prepping pull sheets, rental and purchase orders, returning gear).
  • Reports Overview (utilizing the different inventory/warehouse reports).

Tentative Seminar Schedule for the Advanced/Expert Seminar:


  • Advanced Inventory (structure/availability settings, packages, virtual models, and more).
  • Pricing Models and Fee Matrices (setting up a variety of pricing models and how to use a fee matrix).


  • Workflow (how to modify existing workflows and set up new workflows).
  • Element Configuration (changing the settings of the elements in Flex, with an emphasis on Quote configuration).
  • Conflicts and Availability (a discussion on how conflicts and availability works within Flex).

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