New QuickBooks Online Integration is here

With the Flex 4.8 version that was recently deployed, comes the new QBO (QuickBooks Online) integration. If you have been using the QBO integration, you can start using this right away. However, switching over is not automatic, there is a bit of effort required on your part to switch over. If you are not currently using QBO integration, contact support to get started.

Here is a basic “getting switched over” video:

The basic steps for switching over are this:

  • Go to Financials > Accounting Integration
  • Basic Settings tab > Enabled Accounting Systems: Change selection from “QuickBooks Online Legacy” to “QuickBooks Online”. Click Update to Save.
  • QuickBooks Settings tab in QuickBooks Online area, click the “Connect to QuickBooks” button
  • Follow prompts to sign in & authorize
  • At this point, the QuickBooks Settings tab should show that you are connected

Once connected, you will continue to push documents as you did before. There are a few things that you need to be aware of:

Your Flex tax rule name now needs to precisely match a QuickBooks Online Tax Code. For a United States example, you may have a tax code called¬†“PA Sales Tax”. For international, you might have a tax code called “HST”. You need to name your Flex tax rule name the exact same name as the tax code.

Flex will not (actually it can not) create or update any tax settings in QuickBooks Online. This means you must take care to make sure your Flex tax rates & QuickBooks Online tax rates mirror each other & keep them in sync if they change.

Updating Documents
Previously it was not possible to actually update documents. So, for a re-export, we had to actually delete the document, and then recreate it. We now have the ability for documents to be updated which happens automatically if you’ve already pushed the document before. This is a great enhancement because now any links that are created in QBO between documents will not be erased when you re-export an document.

Integration Errors
If you push a document and it does not show in QBO, be sure to first check Systems Settings > Integration Bus > Integration Bus Error Screen. It will show you any errors that have happened in the Integration Process. Sometimes the error message can be a little cryptic so if you can’t figure it out, ask support for help.

More to Come
The previous integration did not support Purchase Order’s at an API level. The new integration supports PO’s but we have not implemented it yet due to the fact we were focused replacing what we had first. We should be rolling that out sometime this year.

GL Account sync has NOT been re-implemented for the new QBO integration yet but we will be bring that back as well sometime this year.

We know there are more features that customer’s will need but we are happy that we are back on the right path for integrating with QBO. As important features come to our attention we will implement them. This new API is much more feature rich which will allow us to create a much better integration.

Old Integration Cutoff
As of this writing the cutoff for the old API is May 15, 2014. However, I believe that is contingent on you upgrading to the new “harmony” QuickBooks Online. Once you upgrade to “harmony”, ¬†the old API will no longer work.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Happy Integrating!

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