House of Worship & Church Asset Tracking Software

Your house of worship leverages a myriad of equipment and assets to run your services and administration. Furthermore, yours may have multiple locations and buildings. With assets like: 

  • Projectors
  • Computers and Mobile Devices
  • Large display screens
  • Video cameras
  • And other assets

Your church needs an accurate and easy-to-use church asset tracking system rooted in reliable software to track all these assets. Ideally, your software would also help you track assets throughout their lifecycle and help you keep track of when they should be serviced and replaced, along with other tracking needs. This software should also interact conveniently with the other tools you utilize to manage your house of worship.

Why Your Multi-Campus Church Needs Asset Management

If your church has more than one campus, organizing all your equipment and assets is even more complicated. As equipment is moved from one campus to another, items can sometimes be lost or damaged—or needed by two campuses at the same time.

Adding more complexity, your house of worship may include daily activities to reach out to the community—classes, charitable giving services, music practices, and much more. In that case, assets are at constant risk of loss or damage.

How to Track Your Assets Across Several Houses of Worship

Church inventory management software gives you a greater ability to protect your purchases as well as possible so they can be used to serve your area. This software can efficiently track financial records, purchases, and maintenance expenses.

Church asset management software can also help you plan for timely replacement of old or damaged assets—a complex task in a multi-campus church. Software can catch details that are easy to miss otherwise, helping your budget stretch further by finding opportunities to save money. It can keep track of:

  • Where items are currently located (using bar code scans and other tracking systems)
  • The date each item was purchased, along with its expected date of replacement
  • The precise part of the facility an asset is in
  • The person who last checked it out
  • When each item was last repaired

Items that are equipped for it can be tracked through GPS coordinates. This all helps ensure that when you need certain equipment to create unique experiences for your members and guests, the assets will be available and in good working order.

How Do You Do Asset Management?

Your church assets are the valuable resources you use every week to serve others. Asset management is the system you use to track those assets throughout their useful lives, locate them, and replace them as needed. 

Do you track your assets on paper? Do you use a computer spreadsheet? Flex Asset Solutions makes church asset tracking easier and more practical. It is customizable to include just the features you need. It also saves your asset data in the cloud, where it can be accessed from multiple, secure devices across your multi-campus church, keeping track of all needed maintenance, depreciation, and much more. 

Track your church assets more accurately and easily than ever, and get more value out of each asset. Visit our Flex Assets page. Let us show you a simpler way to know where your assets are, encourage accountability, and get the most from each asset that has been dedicated to your services. You can also request a demo and look over our pricing.