Flex Education Asset Management Solutions

Cloud-Based Inventory Management for Education

Over-reliance on spreadsheets or bulky IT systems within the education industry is a serious detriment. Spreadsheets and many school asset tracking software solutions bring so much disorganization and chaos that leave IT teams frustrated and confused. Additionally, the amount of time spent attempting to organize assets or data results in a significant amount of time wasted. 

School asset tracking software is the cure to this illness. Flex Rental Solutions streamlines the process of tracking inventory, managing maintenance, and keeping tabs on depreciation. Asset management in education is now done anytime, anywhere, with Flex Assets, a cloud-based platform.

Our School Asset Management Solutions

The amount of valuable resources in an educational institution is astounding. A single department can easily contain hundreds of assets or equipment with more frequently requested. The number only increases when other departments and facilities are considered. Knowing exactly where each piece of equipment is and who needs more can get overwhelming. Luckily, school asset management software from Flex Rental Solutions significantly simplifies the tracking, managing, and allocating of resources, freeing up asset managers’ valuable time. 

Flex Assets is designed to boost the efficiency, accountability, and productivity of asset management in education. Our software can streamline your processes and deliver these benefits by:


  • Improving your record keeping: Rather than dealing with endless paperwork, build a central data repository for all your essential assets using our school asset tracking software. Additionally, with our automatic backups, you’ll never have to worry about your data suddenly disappearing.
  • Reducing your costs: Stop spending money on duplicate resources. With Flex Assets, you’ll see your entire registry of classroom equipment and avoid purchasing additional equipment you don’t need. For example, if one department has an abundance of desks and one not enough, you can redistribute them and save your institution money.
  • Accurately tracking your spending: No matter your school’s budget, Flex Assets ensures it’s followed by accurately tracking spending in every department. 
  • Eliminating manual asset audits: With our school asset tracking, you’ll no longer have to spend hours manually tracking and updating your inventory. Flex Assets does it all for you. 

Higher Education Asset Management Software

From computer and athletic equipment to dorm furniture and vehicles, colleges and universities have a large number of assets that need managing. Because these assets are spread throughout several locations, tracking and keeping up with them is difficult. Luckily, a school asset manager like Flex Assets makes it easier than ever to manage and distribute resources across departments, campuses, partners, or programs. 

Flex also provides higher education groups with: 

  • Accurate data about assets that can be used to analyze performance
  • Customizable reports showcasing the most important data, which you can view on computers, smartphones, or tablets
  • A holistic view of assets, including the history and changes
  • Audit compliance
  • A preventative maintenance schedule

K-12 School Asset Manager Software

With more and more K-12 institutions using technology like tablets and computers to teach, the need for a smart, responsive school asset manager has become more pressing than ever. Without one, the number of assets that are lost, damaged, or stolen rises, which causes the school to waste time, money, and resources. 

What sets Flex apart from our competitors are the powerful, scalable features we provide to enable schools to track and maintain large volumes of inventory. Our solution shows where all registry items are at any time, where they are being used, whether they need maintenance, and so much more. With our smart features, managers will have the peace of mind of knowing they have easy access to resources whenever they need them.

Enjoy Flex Assets Today

No matter what type of institution you’re working for or operating, Flex Assets provides a fast, easy, and affordable way to track assets. To learn more about our solution, request a free demo or contact one of our representatives.