Phasing Out Struts

While Jeff & Courtney have been focused on getting the upcoming 4.5 release ready for production, Suman & I have been making a push to get all the existing Struts stuff (i.e. Admin Console) moved over to Flash. This large task has been pushed off for awhile because there has always been more important things to work on and this stuff has always been accessible from the Admin Console. However, we are trying to get ourselves positioned for mobile development and Step 1 towards that goal is too remove old frameworks in preparation for a new web framework. Also doing this migration stuff is not risky to work on when trying to get a release out since it doesn’t affect the crucial areas of the system.

As part of this migration work, we have introduced an exciting new Dashboard component from Flexicious. I expect we will have a bigger use for this component in the future, but for now it is being used for the Performance Monitor which is viewable in debug mode at Flex > Performance Monitor.

As of this writing we have everything migrated in terms of createable, update-able, & deletable stuff. This includes all system settings, workflow, etc. There are some other Struts things remaining such as report generation, the status page, etc but for all intents & purposes the admin console is no longer needed. We view this as a major step forward for the system since a big part of moving forward is getting rid of the old.

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