Financial Management

Flex allows for invoicing and payment tracking as well as offers many useful and intuitive reports. Intuitive drag and drop technology allows for efficient addition of line items to quotes and documents. Financial information can be hidden for specific user groups, and financial document views are configurable.

Flex offers effective financial management for your company:

In addition, Flex also supports integration with QuickBooks™ Desktop for Windows and QuickBooks™ Online to leverage your existing resources.

  • QuickBooks™ Integration is provided using the Intuit Web Connector Kit for only an additional $25 on your monthly subscription.
  • Complete QuickBooks™ Desktop integration supports quotes, invoices, payments, credit memos, sub rentals, and purchase orders.
  • QuickBooks™ online integration is in active development and currently supports quotes, invoices and payments.
  • Payments sent from Flex to QuickBooks™ will automatically be applied to their corresponding invoice or quote.
  • Additionally, all invoices, payments, and purchase orders can be configured to use QuickBooks™ job costing functionality.

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