QuickBooks Online Integration

We are happy to announce that support for QBOE (QuickBooks Online Edition) integration should be coming with the next release. We completed the coding for it yesterday so it needs to go through QA before it is a officially ready.

Integration with QBOE is very similar to the desktop edition with some exceptions. Probably the biggest difference is the transport paradigm. Pushing to QBOE is an active process where we POST data to the QBOE datacenter whereas the Desktop Edition requires a small go-between application called the QuickBooks Web Connector to contact Flex and pull down the requests. The other main difference is QBOE requires a connection ticket to be set in accounting integration settings and also in workflow Flex prompts for a session ticket if authentication is required.

Other differences worth mentioning are sales tax & discounts. In the Desktop Edition we send sales tax as the final line item because the sales tax area does not allow us to directly set the sales tax amount. In QBOE, sales tax is simply a field on the Invoice or Credit Memo that we directly set with our calculated tax from Flex. Discount line items are not supported in QBOE, so they are sent as standard Service item lines.

QBOE online features are a subset of the Desktop Edition features which QBOE online users are aware. We can push Invoices, Credit Memos, and Received Payments to QBOE. You may notice Purchase Orders are not on that list. At this point the QBOE API does not support Purchase Orders however Purchase Orders can be created from within QBOE. As API support becomes available for Purchase Orders, we will add support on our end for them.

We are excited to support another accounting integration. Please contact us after the next release to get access to the QBOE integration.

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