Participate in Our Flex Referral Program

Many of you have requested a Customer Referral Program. We've heard you, and are happy to roll out our new Flex Customer Referral Program.

Refer a Customer, Receive a Reward:

If you refer a new customer to Flex, and the customer becomes a paying customer with Flex after the end of their 60 day free trial period, you will have the opportunity at that time to select one of two available referral rewards: either $150 in cash or 5% off your base monthly subscription (your 1st warehouse) for 12 months. You can earn up to 100% off your base monthly subscription in total over a 12-month period.

Rewards for the Customer you Refer:

The program is also rewarding for the customer you refer. If the new customer you refer becomes a paying customer with Flex after the end of their 60 day free trial, we'll provide them a referred customer reward of 5% discount on their base monthly subscription (1 warehouse) for the first six months of their new subscription.

Referring a Customer is Easy:

It is easy to refer an interested new customer to Flex: simply email including the customer's email address you are referring, the customer's name, and the company name. We'll take care of the rest. In the rare event that more than one customer refers the same potential new customer to Flex, the referral will be awarded to the customer who first contacted Flex.

We appreciate the positive communication our customer base has been sharing about Flex, and wanted to build a referral program that would be rewarding for you. We hope you'll find your participation in the Flex Customer Referral Program a rewarding experience.

There will also be some drawings for customers who refer at least one new customer to Flex over the coming months. Stay tuned for more details.

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