Release of Flex 4.9.0 & Engineering Updates

It has been a busy summer in the engineering office with several big features released in Flex 4.9.0 and many other developments underway. This release of Flex 4.9.0 included a recurring billing feature that permits users to automate monthly or weekly invoicing for long running jobs like tours or standing shows. We’ll even be using it internally to streamline how Flex invoices its own customers.

This release included multiple new features and enhancements, including warehouse bins functionality, a new virtually scan all in feature, the ability to turn off and on automatic availability calculations in quotes, cheat sheets, pricing tier minimums, A4 paper size printing for reports, a new pending returns tab, and other improvements.

To support best implementation of new features and enhancements, we improved our release notes. Now, useful how-to videos are included for our customers. View the Release Notes for Flex 4.9.0 here.

Speed remains the current priority at Flex. Flex 4.9.0 includes fixes to a number of important speed bottlenecks to improve your experience. Additionally, more speed improvements are on the way. My (Jeff’s) primary focus at present is redesigning the underlying inventory engine to use the same double entry transaction model accountants use for tracking dollars. In addition to providing a big speed boost, it greatly simplifies the data model in dozens of other ways and makes for a self-contained audit trail. The immediate benefit is that it simplifies availability math but we believe it will prove to be a significant innovation in the field of inventory management, especially within the equipment rental market. We expect a version of Flex based on the new Inventory Journal Engine to be released sometime in the fall.

We’re also starting work on an e-commerce system called Flex Commerce for companies that want to allow customers to generate their own quotes and orders over the web. Flex customers will be able to use their own company logo and select a color scheme that will help them align the branding of their Flex Commerce site with their own website.

In addition, we’re in the planning stages of a new multi-session event and tour management system that we hope will provide a simple and intuitive interface for managing the complexity of large projects. Our multi-session and tour management system will be built in HTML5.

At infoComm 2014, we demonstrated our new native iOS application for iPad and iPhone. This application allows for reviewing schedules and pull-sheets easily from one’s phone, and the camera on the device can be used for scanning in and out inventory in place of a scanner (or, the device can be paired with a bluetooth scanner if desired). This directly supports the needs of our unique rental and production industry, and we’re excited to bring the iOS application to market for our Flex Users later this fall. Our iOS app is currently headed into Beta testing. We’re looking forward exhibiting at LDI in the fall and reconnecting with current and potential customers again in Vegas.

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