Seats Filling Quickly for October Users Conference: Register Today!

We have less than half the available seats remaining for our Flex Users Conference next month. Please register soon if you would like to join us for two full days of dedicated Flex training and networking with other Flex users.

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Here’s an overview of each training course offered during the six focused sessions:
Session 1 Offerings (select one):
  • Crash Course Part 1 (Lisa): Learn the basics of Flex in this course for beginner users! Part 1 will include an overview of business locations, corporate identities, contacts, calendars, inventory, and building quotes.
  • Inventory & Services Setup (Branden): Learn how to add and edit inventory items (serialized vs non-serialized items, pricing, suggestions, suppliers, etc.) and service offerings. (Note: this class does not include building containers, packages and virtual items. Another class covers these topics).
  • Pricing Models & Fee Matrices (Chris): Learn how to create custom pricing models and fee matrices in your system. This includes inventory pricing models, labor pricing models, and different fees that can be calculated based on certain criteria. 
Session 2 Offerings (select one):
  • Crash Course Part 2 (Lisa): Learn the basics of Flex in this course for beginner users! Part 2 will include an overview of pull sheets, rental and purchase orders, warehouse scanning, and job invoicing.
  • Building Containers & Packages (Branden): Learn how to build containers and packages in Flex, including serialized storage, serialized packages, free-pick containers, and virtual items.
  • Workflow (Chris): Learn all about workflows, including workflow actions, workflow jobs, security settings, chained parent/child actions, and some best practices on how you can effectively set up workflows in your system.
Session 3 Offerings (select one):
  • QuickBooks Integration (Lisa): Learn all about how Flex integrates with QuickBooks, including how to set up integration, all the integration settings within Flex, and detailed examples of how to push invoices and other elements from Flex to QuickBooks.
  • Warehouse Basics (Branden): Learn all about how to use Flex in the warehouse, including how to create pull sheets, scanning gear in and out, receiving POs, logging maintenance, and more.
  • Job Costing (Chris): Learn all about the new job costing features in Flex.
Session 4 Offerings (select one): 
  • Job Building Best Practices (Rocky): Learn some of the best ways to build and manage jobs in your system. We will especially look at some of the best ways to manage larger jobs in your system.
  • Inventory Best Practices (Branden): Learn some of the best tips and tricks for setting up and managing your inventory.
  • Security & Permissions (Chris): Learn about the different security settings in Flex, including user permissions, security policies, hiding inventory and financial information, security for workflows, and project element security settings.
Session 5 Offerings (select one):
  • Labor and Staffing (Rocky): Learn how to use the labor module in Flex, including how to assign staff to different jobs and how to create and manage labor POs.
  • Warehouse Best Practices (Branden): Learn some of the best ways to use Flex in the warehouse. This class will build upon the Warehouse Basics class and show you some of the best ways to get the most out of Flex in the warehouse. 
  • Conflicts & Availability (Chris): Learn how conflicts and availability work in Flex, including an in-depth look at Status Options in Flex.
Session 6 Offerings (select one):
  • Reports Best Practices (Rocky): Learn all about the different types of reports that you can use in Flex, including reports (PDFs) that can be printed from specific quotes, pull sheets, and invoices, as well as reports that pull general information from Flex. We will also discuss how to request custom reports.
  • Operations Best Practices (Branden): Learn some of the best ways to use Flex from an operations perspective. This class will include a discussion on the best reports to use for warehouse/operations, the To-Do List, Automated Functions, and more.
  • Flex Hacks/Tips (Chris): Lead by Flex CEO Chris Stein, this class will cover some of the best ways to use Flex, useful tips, and general best practices for using the whole Flex system.

Thanks again to Shine Lighting for sponsoring AV for this Users Conference! We appreciate you!

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