Welcome to the Engineering Blog

As work on our high availability architecture heats up and Flex continues to grow, we thought it was time to start an informal blog where members of the Flex engineering team can discuss some of the technical challenges we’re facing and interact with our peers.

We also hope it will add some visibility to what goes on day to day at Flex and give some of our more technical savvy users an opportunity to see some of the interesting technical bits that wouldn’t come out in the course of ordinary sales and support.

The goal is to keep this blog free of marketing spin and sales pitches, it’s more of an Easter Egg for nerds.  So it’s important to make a few disclaimers before we get started:

A.  This blog (and the comment sections) are not for customer support.  Refer all support questions to support@flexrentalsolutions.com.

B. Nothing discussed on this blog should be construed as a promise.  Interesting technical work is often experimental and experiments fail.  Just because we talk about something on the engineering blog doesn’t mean it will make its way into the software.

C. Nothing discussed on this blog should be construed as a time commitment and we will not make time estimates on the blog.  Just because we’re working on something is no guarantee that we’ll get it done in a timely fashion.  The engineering blog contributors are not authorized to make commitments or disclose official schedule information.  Talk to Flex support or sales for official estimates of when new features are slated for release.

So, in essence, the engineering team doesn’t handle support or set the development schedule, so any information along those lines has to come from the usual channels. 

Disclaimers aside, we are starting some very interesting new projects and wrestling with the challenges that come with rapid growth, so odds are upcoming posts should be chock full of interesting technical information.

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