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Flex evolved from real world experience. Our products are designed, developed, and supported by passionate leaders with nearly a hundred years of experience speaking your language. Our entire team is dedicated to providing the highest quality service possible to help you succeed. We are headquartered in Orem, Utah, with satellite offices throughout the country.


Chris Stein
Chief Executive Officer

Chris Stein’s road to creating Flex is well documented. During a 20-year pro AV career he was integral in implementing a wide variety of rental and inventory tracking software technologies. Because none were built specifically for the industry, and because Chris is famous for his exacting dedication to excellence, he built his own solution and quickly established Flex as the fastest growing software for the industry.


Maria Barker
Finance Director

Maria joined Flex in 2014 with a key mix of a strong accounting background and customer service experience. Not only our Controller, Maria also leads QA as the accounting specialist testing our financial module, accounting system integration, Flex Production Manager, and Flex Mobile. Maria has a BS in Accounting from Washington State University.


Roger Diller
VP of Engineering

Roger Diller has been in the software development industry for nearly 15 years and has worked at Flex for a decade. Roger contributed heavily to the Flex4 buildout and is currently leading the Flex5 engineering effort, as well as pioneering new incubator projects. A pragmatic software craftsman who focuses on balancing the needs of both the engineering and business units, Roger is passionate about building software with sustainable efficiencies.


Jason Rzutkiewicz

A dynamic, customer-obsessed executive with a proven track record of driving business transformation for brands like Kaiser Permanente, Walmart, Wells Fargo, HPE, PG&E, Sephora, Adobe, T-Mobile, and Honda, Jason is equally comfortable championing the three-year roadmap or rolling up his sleeves to drive key design decisions.


Lisa Fossler
Head of Sales

Lisa joined Flex in 2012 with more than 14 years in the Event Rental Industry. In the eight years prior to joining Flex, she wore multiple hats while she led customer service, support, and training teams in the Rental Inventory Software Industry. While Lisa is authentically known for her excellent and creative customer service, what truly sets her apart is the passion and enthusiasm that she brings to solving customer issues of all shapes and sizes.

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