Flex Rental Solutions Consultants

Need a helping hand? Our endorsed Flex consultants have demonstrated vast technical skills and experience assisting companies implementing their Flex software. They're also highly knowledgeable about inventory management best practices.

Aaron Horn


Aaron Horn is an Inventory Control Consultant and a Flex Rental Solutions software ​expert​. He has been involved with the production industry for 20 years including being a Flex administrator and inventory control manager in previous employments.  Aaron launched his consulting career in 2016 and has helped many Flex customers implement and excel in their Flex ​usage as well as improve their general inventory control and warehouse systems. Whether building a new Flex system from the ground up, training staff, or creating custom Flex reports, Aaron understands the process and the effort necessary to give you the best possible Flex experience. He can be reached at aaronjhorn@gmail.com or (615) 335-1225.

Benjamin "Bigs" Coppel


Bigs is an experienced Flex Administrator and Report Developer based in Melbourne, Australia. He has worked in production for over a decade and has been a Flex administrator since 2012. He is passionate about helping businesses utilize Flex to the fullest extent, and takes pride in tailoring custom solutions to meet the specific needs of individual companies.

Bigs is available for consultation, system configuration, custom report development, ongoing support, and user training. With his experience in production, hire, warehouse operations, and sales, he is able to offer comprehensive advice and encourage industry-standard best practices. E-mail bigs@squarewave.com.au or visit his website.