Flex gets people excited at LDI

It's been two weeks already since LDI and we're still riding the momentum of such an amazing trade show. We visited with current customers and showed them all the exciting stuff coming down the pipeline in the next several months at Flex. We showed them how to start using Flex5 Tablet, we got them excited about Flex5 Phone, and blew their minds with RFID functionality. Although it's currently not available for use, we gave our clients a brief preview of RFID capabilities on the phone app and they were pleasantly surprised.

"I have already purchased 4 of the RFID scanners just waiting on access to flex 5 to start using it and get it online and running!" said Brian Rosenblum at Dynamic Productions, "it seemed great and have been waiting on this forever!"

Chris presented at the New Technology Breakfast and the response was phenomenal. We had people pass by our booth after they heard Chris speak about the future of Flex and where we're going with the software.

As always it was a pleasure to catch up with our customers and hear how they're using Flex and answering all the questions they have.