Flex Releases Flex5 Tablets to All Users

Flex5 inventory scanning app

We're excited to announce the release of Flex5 Tablet inventory scanning app to all our users. After months of developing, testing, beta user feedback, bug squashing, and feature improvements we're ready for the big reveal. In these past several months we have gained incredible momentum leading up to the launch of tablet. Flex5 Tablet was a big undertaking.  Our approach was to design an inventory scanning app user interface to adapt to the device and how people use applications on tablet, phone, and desktop, instead of simply shrinking a desktop environment smaller to fit on a tablet or phone. 

We also laid the groundwork for a new backend architecture that will significantly improve the speed, reliability, and efficiency of the application. This is the same backend architecture and APIs that will be used for Desktop, which means a lot of the heavy lifting has already been done for both phone and desktop environments.

Simplify warehouse operations with Flex5 inventory scanning app

Flex5 Tablet has some great features for everyone. Account managers can answer inventory availability from anywhere. Users can search, call, text, or get direction to a contact right from Flex. However, Flex has finally freed the warehouse staff from being tethered to large laptops and desktop stations. You'll be able to search and view all your inventory and contacts, as well as prep pull sheets, return manifests, create and edit inventory, log maintenance, and more. We've also added several exciting inventory scanning app features like Content Builder, Free Pick Container, Substitution Scans, Non-Serialized Bulk Scanning, and Manifest Signatures - which allows you to capture a customer signature when they receive items on a Manifest.

Check out our Flex5 User Manual!

in"Everything looks, operates, and flows naturally. You guys have done a great job on the interface! We are excited to see what else you guys have planned for Flex5!" - Flex User

What's next for Flex5?

We're so glad you asked! We know our customers have been anxiously waiting to know what's next in line for Flex5. Our hard-working team of developers are hitting the ground running with inventory scanning app Flex Phone, which will mirror the functionality and features of Flex5 Tablet and will work on both Apple and Android devices. Our team has now moved primary focus to Flex5 Desktop, with financial document development currently underway and will eventually replace the current desktop application. We will be posting periodic progress updates on our blog to keep customers abreast of new developments and to keep the excitement going! You can also visit us at PLASA, LDI, and Jumpstart this year to get a firsthand look at Flex5 Tablet, preview Flex5 Desktop and take a look at some new technology in development for the warehouse!

Not a Flex user yet?

With Flex5 we hope to establish a new standard in inventory and rental management. If you're not a Flex user, we invite you to experience all that Flex5 has to offer by signing up for no obligation 60 Day Free Trial. There's no additional cost to using Flex5 Tablet - it comes included in your monthly subscription.