Customer Spotlight: 3G Productions


The team at Las Vegas & Los Angeles-based 3G Productions used the pandemic to streamline operations. With new management and a renewed focus on creating an even better experience for its clients, the organization has one message as the lights turn back on in the Live Events industry, “We’re back and better than ever.” 


Although the company has been around for 17 years, new ownership has created an internal hum of excitement and opportunity. CEO Keith Conrad, summarized, “We have new people in the organization, as well as company veterans in new seats, which results in fresh energy and perspectives. Our warehouses are buzzing!”


When 3G started working with Flex in 2014, it was primarily an audio company but had broader ambitions and was seeking a platform and partner that could grow with them. The company evolved and added lighting, video, and rigging services. They added a location in Miami, One warehouse became two, then three. Until the pandemic hit “and then everything came to a screeching halt.” 


With its industry on a forced hiatus, management asked, “How can the show go on when the show isn’t going on?” Keith explained, “We used the pandemic to clean up our systems to create better efficiencies, discover revenue opportunities, reduce loss, and deliver a better return on asset value.”


According to Grant Archer, 3G’s VP of Administration, “We call Flex our ‘Centerpoint of Truth.’ When it’s used properly, it’s your best friend. Without it, we’d be in pretty bad shape.”


They rely heavily on several features, including: Quickbooks integration, calendaring, and custom reporting. Keith said, “Flex has become our operations platform, we’ve built our process and procedures on its functionality.”

Like many of our customers, Dan Phillips. Director of Purchasing & Inventory at 3G, shared that he finds our bundling functionality particularly valuable. Grant expanded, “That functionality is great for our sales team. Having the packages pre-configured so nothing can get missed really sets them up for success--especially with new team members just getting started.”

Keith added, “When we first started we didn’t realize how powerful Flex really was. Only recently did we understand the full potential of the platform and it was an eye opening moment of excitement.” Since, 3G has aimed to use Flex to its full capability, from quote to invoice and everything in between. Even leveraging outside Flex expertise to assist.


Keith continued, “We’re excited to dig deeper into equipment utilization, subrentals, and Flex’s P&L capabilities. I think we’re just starting to scratch the surface on some of the more interesting features.” 


With its new leadership, new internal structure, and new energy, 3G is ready for its closeup. Keith concluded, “I won’t sugarcoat this. A lot of people have been through hell in this industry in the last two years and our hearts go out to all who have suffered. We are inspired to have weathered the pandemic and are proud to be emerging as a stronger company.”

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