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Being called upon to provide staging and production services for The Voice, America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, and stadium tours for the likes of The Rolling Stones creates expectations to deliver a world-class experience. Whether it is TV, a tour, a festival, corporate events, or crazy rooftop parties the bar is set at perfection, and little else is acceptable. It’s next-level pressure, and what Michele Cogan and the team at Torrance, California-based All Access Staging and Production face every day.

“Thank goodness for Flex,” said Michele. “It opened the door to so much. For the warehouse guys to get more organized, the sales team add detail on their quoting, and it goes further to invoicing and accounting. Not only does it give the ability to forecast and plan but it creates consistency in our workflow, and has a huge impact on all aspects of our business.”

And as All Access has continued to grow, starting with a single warehouse and now up to 3 which are “bursting at the seams”, Flex has scaled with them to support the journey. Whether it is more inventory, more jobs or intercompany PO’s between their fabrication company and rental company Flex has been up to the task. “There’s no way we could have done this without Flex. Flex creates opportunities to expand.”

Speaking of expanding, All Access manages over 5,000 4’ x 8’ decks. For years Michele and team struggled to manage these until Flex 5 was introduced.  “To finally have a snapshot view of our overall scheduling is amazing. Being able to better forecast is a game changer. ”

Michele Colgan

When asked about favorite features, Michele shared that the whole product has a lot of great features, “I can’t just name one!” Pressed further, a self-described “inventory nerd,” she especially loves the Flex inventory catalog and the ability to edit 100s of items at a time. As for learnings she would share, “Don’t ever start your barcoding with the number zero!” Anything else? “Use Flex as it’s meant to be used. It has all the features you need.”

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It’s no secret that the live event and production businesses took a massive hit as a result of the pandemic, but as cities and states continue to reopen Michele shared “everything is taking off.” All Access is well positioned to keep up with the demand as everything seems to be coming back all at once. “We keep getting bigger, keep doing larger events.” And for a company that has done the Super Bowl for the last ten years that is saying a whole lot!

At the conclusion of our conversation, and as a longtime customer and power-user, Michele spoke to the Flex Customer Support Experience. “I’ll be honest, there was a time when I struggled with customer support. But, the organization has won me back. Flex has made huge progress and support is now on it every time I need them.”

Thanks, Michele. We’re working hard to deliver a world class Customer Support Experience. And we’re thrilled to hear that our customers are feeling more supported than ever before. 

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