Flex Endorsee Spotlight: Square Wave

Meet Square Wave

Square Wave Pty Ltd is an independent consultancy and service provider for users of Flex Rental Solutions software. Whether you are just getting started with Flex or striving to realize its full potential, they can help you increase the value Flex is providing to your organization.
Led by Benjamin "Bigs" Coppel, the Square Wave team has a wide variety of experience in event production, warehouse operations, management, sales, and IT. Their Australia or US-based experts will assess your operations, leverage proven best practices, and tailor integrated solutions to equip your team for ongoing success.
In addition to their consulting services, Square Wave’s developers are at the forefront of the field and offer a growing portfolio of custom report solutions. They are also bringing a new product Flextools to market; its interactive dashboards and API integrations will be an indispensable toolkit for any organization using Flex.


Learn more about Square Wave's products and services at www.squarewave.com.au or drop them a line at hello@squarewave.com.au