Flex StaffingPlus

A seamless, integrated solution that creates a better experience for Flex customers and their crews.

Launching 2.28


Patrick Giovanniello

— President, VCI Worldwide

“The ability to inquire about availability and send offers from within Flex is an absolute game changer! It will literally save me hours and hours of reaching out to people individually to try and fill a role.”

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Chris Stein
— CEO, Flex Rental Solutions

“The Pandemic changed the way the event industry manages their workforces and staffs their jobs. And when we hear our customers have a bottleneck or pain point preventing them from achieving more success, we want to help them solve it.”


Effortlessly Handle Event Staffing

Flex StaffingPlus was designed to save time and minimize frustration by removing the bottleneck caused by traditional manual crew sourcing. Key features include:

Availability Inquiry

Flex StaffingPlus gives users the power to send one-time bulk notices to query freelancer availability. The potential crew members' simple yes or no response automatically updates in the system.

Job Offers

Once freelancers are confirmed available, Flex StaffingPlus users can instantly send job offers with a single click.

Call Times

Enhancing generic start and end dates, Flex StaffingPlus provides for specific call and end times for each freelancer, and generates finished daily Call Sheets. 

Purchase Orders

Flex StaffingPlus allows users to automatically generate Purchase Orders from the staffing line item of each job.


Gantt View

Flex StaffingPlus loads any job into Flex that requires staffing resources with Gantt view.


Pricing Plans Monthly Inquiries Included Cost per Additional
Tier 1$10025$3.00
Tier 2$15050$2.50
Tier 3$250100$2.00

Here's a recording of the Dec 7 2023 webinar, presented by Branden Rosenlof - Product Manager for Flex StaffingPlus.


All-In-One Solution

Inquire about availability and send offers from within Flex. Save hours of reaching out individually to fill a role.


The new StaffingPlus dashboard & gantt chart view make it easy to quickly see all open roles.

Simplify Workflow

Send labor POs directly from crew call sheets to streamline your workflow to pay your freelancers.

Frequently-Asked Questions

The initial release of Flex StaffingPlus will not include the ability to send SMS / text messages from Flex. But we are currently looking into the best way to implement this functionality.


Travis Banks

VP of Operations, Roundrock Techology

“We expect these new features to greatly reduce the time we spend crewing our events.”