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85% of trials fail because there isn’t a concrete plan. There’s no path to guide prospective customers on their journey through the product and experience in a way that allows them to understand and visualize the impact it can have on their businesses. That’s why we created the FlexU Guided Trial. We want to help you maximize your understanding of how Flex can make an impact on your business as quickly as possible! We want to help you Get FlexABLE and on your way to Flexpertise!


So whether you're new to Flex or new to a company that has been working with Flex: Welcome! This is step 1 of your journey. Basics. Flex 101. We will help orient you to the systems and teach you the basics of workflow from beginning to end. We have six modules for your review. You can power through them in a day, three days, three weeks, or in whatever time frame you need. We’ll follow up (maybe even pester you a little) with emails to make sure you’re comfortable as you get FlexABLE. Your Success Is Our Flex! And your success with Flex begins now.


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If you're new here, we recommend starting at the beginning, with First Login & Customize Platform.

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Here's a brief primer of the Flex Workflow from our Founder and CEO, Chris Stein. This should inspire you to dig in!

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