How Can the Most Flexible Platform Become Even More Flexible?

As the first-ever asset and inventory management solution built from the ground up for the events industry, we are proud of the fact that Flex is repeatedly called out by our customers for its flexibility.

Flex5’s deep breadth of capabilities gives customers significant freedom to work Flex into their processes. (As opposed to other platforms that require companies to change how they work to accommodate the software.)

But did you know that the Flex API allows customers to create their own custom features to deliver an even deeper custom experience? Here are a few of the most recent examples of custom features:

  • Individual Scan Tracking & Recognition

    Orlando, Florida-based GigRent used the Microsoft Suite to write a software package that created multiple dashboards including tracking individual warehouse scans per person.

  • Unreturned Asset Billing

    PCE (Pacific Coast Entertainment with offices in LA/OC) wrote a proprietary software package that automatically created invoices for unreturned gear.

  • CRM Integrations & Custom Dashboards

    AV Vegas created a suite of functionality for more custom CRM functionality and warehouse dashboards. Additionally, Washington state-based Service Solutions AV, wrote a custom CRM integration from Hubspot.

Do you flex with Flex? If you’ve written your own custom feature, we’d love to know about it. Or, if you’d like to know more about how to extend the power of the Flex platform, please reach out. We’d love to talk to you.

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