Customer Support

We strive to provide our customers with accurate, timely, and quality customer support.  Please utilize one of the resources listed below.  We’re here to help!  

How To Access Support

  • Support is available Monday through Friday, from 6:00 AM - 4:00 PM [Mountain Standard Time].
  • Down during off-hours? In this rare instance, please email.  Enter “Down” in the subject line.
  • In order for the support team to best assist you: please email as many details as possible in a step-by-step manner to help expedite resolution of your concern.
  • Please include the following to improve your support experience:
    • document numbers
    • barcode numbers
    • inventory names
    • specific tasks you are performing
    • and step-by-step processes of how the task was undertaken.
    • Include screenshots or screen recordings. (We recommend Jing for video captures)

Additional Support & Training Resources

Flex has developed easy-to-navigate training material to make sure both our new and long time customers have the resources they need to get set up quickly and use Flex to its full advantage.

Flex Help Center

The Flex Help Center houses our user manual and technical documentation, where you will find useful guides and step-by-step instructions on System Settings, Inventory, Quotes, Warehouse, Projects, and Best Practices. 

Flex Starter Kit

Our starter kit shows you the basics of Flex and helps you get up and running quickly. Knowing how to access your system, navigate Flex, and use Flex support resources will help you as you begin your setup.

Flex YouTube Channel

Access our instructional videos, tutorials, and recorded webinars. Watch as our training and product team members guide you through best practices, basic setup, advanced features and more. In our YouTube channel you’ll find everything you need to make the best use of Flex.

Flex User Forum

We have a passionate and knowledgeable community of Flex Users that regularly share ideas, ask and answer questions, and provide support. Our customer use the forum as a platform to get the latest industry news, as well as Flex updates and announcements.