Spend less time scheduling crew with Crewdriver

Flex Rental Solutions   is proud to partner with Crewdriver for labor communication

Whether you’re an equipment rental expert, event visionary, creative, roadie, AV guru or any kind of show professional, you trust us to reduce management time for the minutiae of your business. That valuable resource is needed to focus on what matters most : delivering for your clients.

It’s no different when it comes to scheduling trusted crew. Often it’s a consuming task of grinding a phone list until you get the crew numbers you need for your next event.

Crewdriver is a scheduling must-have for any company that routinely delivers temporary or on-call labor.

“It’s the best thing that’s happened to me since I started working here. It makes zero sense to dial, dial, dial, dial, all day long for a 2 second “yes or no”, when it can all be automated for you.”

If you’re confirming 100 shifts or more each month on the phone, or dealing with high volume, last minute requests and changes, CrewDriver will be your greatest asset.

Effortlessly schedule workers for gigs, without ever picking up the phone. Gone are the days of staggering email and text offers and waiting to hear on an availability request. The tool does it all for you.

There’s no apps for crew to install or portals for them to log into, it’s all handled across text message. Copy and paste your call list into the app and you can be up and rolling in a day.

CrewDriver converts the process of offering and scheduling work for your event to the touch of the button.

Why does this matter to Flex customers?

At Flex, we’re always searching for the best partnerships to boost your efficiency and satisfaction. We’re currently working on a new integration with Crewdriver. With Flex’s new CrewDriver integration, will be able to effortlessly generate labor requirements for import directly into Crewdriver.

Flex manages inventory and labor requirements, and Crewdriver will automatically work your call lists to fill your crew calls. We’re uniting the best of breed for rental management and crew communication. Want to try out Crewdriver while we work on the integration?

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GetWorkers, the makers of Crewdriver

GetWorkers, is a small and growing startup in Vancouver, Canada. Founded by J. Harmer, an event ops lead turned entrepreneur searching for better ways to use technology to engage and communicate with crew.

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