Top Flex User Conference Takeaways


Flex Rental Solution's user conference may have come and gone, but the lessons and skills that our attendees learned will leave a positive impact at the companies they work for. This year was our biggest conference to date. We had over 70 attendees in the spacious and modern Enclave in Las Vegas for two days of hands-on training and learning all things. Curious to get a small glimpse into what our attendees learned? Read below.

Top Takeaways from the Basic Track

  1. In the Labor & Staffing Roundtable we learned you can optimize how you use Flex for Labor and Crew Communication by using the CrewDriver or Lasso Reports.
  2. Owners and sales managers shared experiences on how they use Flex to quote, invoice, and get paid quickly.

Top Takeaways from the Intermediate Track

  1.  Virtual Packages and Virtual Models can drastically change the way you build jobs.
  2. We covered Flex5 Tablet in the Warehouse, which is coming soon to all users.

Top Takeaways from the Advanced Track

  1. You can schedule and send information to users through Automated Tasks with dynamic dates.
  2. Catalogue Worksheet is extremely handy when you need to quickly update inventory fields for inventory items or view quick information at a glance, instead of opening each model individually.
  3. We covered Workflow Actions Chained to Parents or Children, which allows admins to update parent or child element workflows from an existing workflow action. Examples include confirming an event folder when a child quote is confirmed or cancelling all quotes if an event folder is cancelled.

Top Takeaways from the Custom Reports Bootcamp

  1. Designing Custom Reports in-house can save you a lot of money, but it also requires specialized knowledge. Gaining such knowledge takes time but can be very rewarding; almost anything is possible.
  2. The data producers are a quick, easy solution for most instance level reports. SQL-based reports can harness the full potential of the reporting possibilities that the Flex database offers.