How one company fully implemented Flex in less than five months

project management trainingWhen it comes to implementing software — and have it actually work for your business — doing it right the first time makes the difference.

Just ask Dyventive from Pennsylvania. The company went from sign-up to live in less than five months — and they credit their success to their investment in Flex’s Project Management Services. They also attended Flex’s User Conference in June of this year.

“Right after we got back from the user conference, everything clicked, everything kind of fit into a puzzle nice and neat and we were able to go live at the beginning of August,” said Jerry Donahue with Dyventive.

For them it was especially important to invest in Flex software training, said Donahue. The company had been previously using RCMS — a 30-year-old rental software program — and were nervous about the switch.

What is Project Management Services Training?

web-based trainingJust imagine having your own personal Flex expert on call to help you from basic setup to more advanced workflow optimization — all on your schedule. It’s exactly what project management services offers.

Lisa Fossler, Flex’s Customer Support Specialist, consults with diverse clients to ensure they’re maximizing their Flex investment in as little time as possible. With project management services, you get unlimited Flex training and implementation support for a flat monthly fee.

“I think the number one benefit to investing in project management services is having direct real time access to Lisa,” said Jerry Donahue with Dyventive, “we would have a video conference directly with her and she was able to go step by step through the settings and explain to us what they were and how to set things up properly.”

Lisa Fossler worked with Dyventive to customize a flexible training and implementation schedule that aligned with their business and operations. The schedule included weekly training calls and implementation deliverables to ensure that everything from data import to advanced workflows was addressed by their go-live date.

“We would schedule a training call the week prior and develop a list of things we wanted to accomplish during the call, if we couldn’t get to it on that call we would schedule an additional call for later in the week,” said Donahue about his experience.

Training helped them overcome implementation hurdles

“When we were migrating, we were nervous about some of the pitfalls of moving from an older system to something like Flex, we had built a lot of custom programming into it as well,” said Donahue, “we wanted to have as much access as possible to a Flex expert.”

Their biggest obstacle was seamlessly migrating inventory, vendor, and customer data from their old system to Flex — but it was relatively painless when they invested in project management services.

“We actually did a data dump the first time for vendors, clients, and inventory,” said Donahue, “all the inventory was fine, but we had significant problems with our client and vendor database, just with the way the data was coming out of our system, but then Lisa stepped in and she worked with Support on our behalf to make sure we could get everything in there accurately.”

Investing in Project Management Services

For Jerry and Dyventive investing in project management services was a no-brainer.

“Any company that is going into Flex cold, that doesn’t have anybody on their team that has implemented Flex before, the project management services are kinda necessary, there’s so many nuances to this system,” said Donahue, “I stress that because many businesses think that just because they have three or four individuals who have used Flex before they don’t need project management services, there is no substitute for having implemented Flex from the ground up.”

Lisa worked one-on-one with their team to ensure they knew what to focus on so they didn’t waste precious time — time they could be investing in delivering an exceptional customer experience to their clients and making money for their business.

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