Flex helps ProMedia UltraSound helps with warehouse management

https://www.flexrentalsolutions.com/flex-gts/promedia ultrasound concertProMedia UltraSound does everything from large scale tours and live events, to music venue audio installation in amphitheaters, theaters, and clubs. Now they just needed the right tools to help with their inventory and warehouse management.

From their beginnings in the Bay Area’s music scene in 1978, UltraSound - founded by Don Pearson and Howard Danchik - were already working with some big names in music - specifically The Grateful Dead.

They were the sole audio company touring with the Grateful Dead through the eighties and nineties before word got out and they began working with the likes of Dave Mathews Band, Tracy Chapman, Primus, Godsmack, and Volbeat as well as a current partnership with Metallica. They also provided audio for the Main Stage at Woodstock ‘94 and the Olympic Village at the 1996 Olympics.

live concerts and touring“While continuing to grow our touring business, we also focus on Festivals as well as managing audio for a number of Bay Area music venues including the Fox Theater in Oakland and The Warfield Theater in San Francisco,” said Josh Osmond, the Director of Operations.

A focus on customer service and efficient warehouse management

They are a growing and well-known name that is known for its hands-on customer services.

“We treat all of our customers with a direct and very hands on approach,” said Osmond, “our customers work with the same person from sales through all aspects of the job, from start to finish, working with them closely every step of the way.”

They’re also considered innovators in the industry with their experience deploying systems in large football and baseball stadiums coordinating equipment and onstage logistics.

A focus on systems and process is what ultimately led them to make the decision to invest in improving their inventory and warehouse management and start using Flex.

professional audio and lighting warehouse management“There are times with the larger stadium shows where we are bringing in gear from 5 different parts of the country, and you need to make it all as seamless as possible for the client,” explained Osmond, “the ease and workflows the system provides becomes invaluable when you’re moving huge volumes of equipment around the country consistently and need to track where everything is going.”

Osmond said that for a really long time they were operating with a self-designed asset management, but as the company continued to grow, they needed a software solution that could grow with it.

That’s when they cast their sights on Flex.

Flex helps in warehouse management and beyond

“The demand for efficiency grew and we needed to make some technological improvements,” said Osmond, “people having access to information was critical, so it became necessary to have a tool like Flex."

From the moment the account managers create a quote to the moment the warehouse management team starts looking at availability, logistics, trucking, and sub-rental to the moment the job is confirmed - Flex sets everything in motion at UltraSound.

“Our warehouse manager can be online scheduling equipment, and everything is right there in front of him,” he said.

They also use internal tools like tasks to stay on top of things that need to get done like service maintenance on a piece of equipment.

“We’ve streamlined everything in order to make our operations as efficient as possible,” said Osmond.

He said that internal documentation has played a key role in how successful their team has been in using Flex. They can look for answers on how to do things based on their specific role.

“Flex became essential, in order for us to handle the growing demand for our equipment,” he said.