Warehouse Management

Built with real-world warehouse inventory needs in mind

Flex offers powerful tools for modeling inventory the way you use it, with built-in support for virtual items, racks, kits and road cases. Our equipment dashboard shows you where all your gear is at the present time, and our availability calculations are fully integrated with backorders and sub-rentals.

We designed Flex with immersive users in mind, those who want full control in an organized and in depth system in order to reduce turnaround time and increase profits. Businesses who use Flex do so in order to satisfy their unique customer demands as they grow into a larger and more successful company.

In addition to keeping items inside the facility organized, Flex seamlessly integrates with our web-based Yard Management application. Maintain control, lockdown compliance, receive visibility and efficiency in asset tracking and reporting – for vehicle locations and their contents.

With Flex you can run multiple facilities in the same system, giving complete visibility to move your inventory as needed and improve your purchasing decisions.

All you need is a stable internet connection!

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