Why Flex?
Because "good enough" wasn't.

Our cloud-based inventory management and rental software solution is built upon our decades of experiences in the live event industry. We are the first cloud-based solution created from the ground up for the event industry. We knew our industry couldn’t do its best work without the best platform. Hacking together the bits and pieces of other platforms not only didn’t sit right, but also it didn’t work. So we created Flex. For you. Our success is your success.Your Success is Our Flex.

Customer Spotlight: Show & Design Group

The Show & Design Group success story begins where many begin – in a spare bedroom with a few bits of this, a little of that, not much money, and the nagging feeling that something bigger and better was waiting to be built. That was then (2015). And as principal owner, Lew Aronoff recently shared…

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Customer Spotlight: Roundrock Technology

Founded in 2003, Roundrock Technology (formerly TOURtech) was one of Flex’s first 10 customers (thank you!). Founder and CEO, Allen Cook (like any good tech company) started in his garage with a dozen bar codes, and since then things have grown a bit. The company now manages thousands of assets and works on international events…

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Customer Spotlight: Stage Sound Services

It started with one pair of old speakers. One pair of old speakers that were rented for parties, to clubs, to bands…to whomever needed one pair of old speakers. That was then.  Nearly three decades later, Cardiff, UK-based Stage Sound Services employs more than 70 people and is one of the most trusted production resources…

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Customer Spotlight: Monster Energy

“Do you mind if I share the screen to show you something?” This wasn’t the start of our conversation with Mark Titus, Sr. Event Operations Manager for Monster Beverage, but the question certainly took us all to the next level. Mark then shared a spreadsheet that outlined the deadlines, milestones, and progress of the nearly…

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Customer Spotlight: Quince Imaging

We’re all familiar with the extravaganza that is the Super Bowl Halftime Show or other special one-off events. And not to take anything away from the intricacies of such events, but perhaps they benefit from the greatest of all unheralded production assets: Time. Imagine putting on a show day in and day out – without…

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Customer Spotlight: 3G Productions

The team at Las Vegas & Los Angeles-based 3G Productions used the pandemic to streamline operations. With new management and a renewed focus on creating an even better experience for its clients, the organization has one message as the lights turn back on in the Live Events industry, “We’re back and better than ever.”   …

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Customer Spotlight: All Access

Being called upon to provide staging and production services for The Voice, America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, and stadium tours for the likes of The Rolling Stones creates expectations to deliver a world-class experience. Whether it is TV, a tour, a festival, corporate events, or crazy rooftop parties the bar is set at…

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Customer Spotlight: Accurate Staging

As Los Angeles, CA-based Accurate Staging likes to say “We make it happen!”. And that’s exactly what the company does. From Super Bowl parties to music festivals, and awards shows to car shows, Accurate designs and fabricates stages, structures, and sets for every component in entertainment, production, and touring since 2001. Look no further than…

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Customer Spotlight: Expressway Cinema Rentals

Meet Expressway Cinema Rentals With a tagline of “Rent. Hire. Create.”, Expressway is “a provider of expert lighting and camera support for the creative community.” Under the surface, however, Expressway has a deeper mission to help grow production infrastructure in smaller markets. Expressway works with local film commissions to build robust production operations. And with…

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Customer Spotlight: Quakertown Community School District

Meet: Quakertown Community School District Quakertown Community School District’s mission is to promote its students to become lifelong learners, who are able to pursue academic excellence, exhibit personal responsibility, provide service to the community, and respect oneself, others and the environment. In preparing for a rapidly changing 21st Century society, our students enter our schools…

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Why Flex? Because we scale as you scale

With powerful features like inventory scanning, location tracking, availability viewing, labor scheduling, and quoting and invoicing, Flex Rental Solutions was custom designed to support the unique needs and challenges of live event, media production, and AV rental businesses and more.

Regardless of your industry, business model, or the unique angle your organization approaches problem solving from – we've seen it before. And if we haven't? Bring it on. Got something harder? Try us

Flex Rental Solutions running on a Laptop and Mobile Device

Let's do it.

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Increase ROI

Flex will have an immediate impact on your bottom line. Better asset management creates more revenue opportunities. You’ll produce better estimates. Accounts payable will be more efficient. Your assets will work harder for you. And that’s just for starters


Reduce Cost

Cutting down on loss reduces costs. Faster training reduces costs. Retention reduces costs. Identifying and removing redundancies reduces costs. Flex helps reduce costs across your organization.


Streamline Operations

The one thing we hear over and over? Our customers didn’t realize how much more efficient Flex would make their operations. Flex reveals operational efficiencies our customers didn’t even know they needed.


Expand Locations

Have you thought about expansion? Flex can help you. Haven’t thought about expansion? We’re guessing you might after using Flex. Flex creates a Center of Excellence that unlocks imaginations and invites new possibilities.

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See what Flex can do for you

Reach out to us now, and let us know what you're looking to achieve.

Why Flex? Crafted From the most exacting experiences

We learned about the power and importance of proper asset management while touring with the biggest bands, working for United States Presidents, and waiting to hear, “And the Oscar goes to...” Then we put that that experience to work to better manage assets in our own business. Now we offer you our expertise so you can efficiently administer your enterprise assets.


Quick Set Up

Get up and running in a matter of days not months.


Improved Accuracy

Improve your data accuracy and stop relying on paperwork to track your data.


Easy to Use

Navigating your assets shouldn’t be hard and it isn’t with our intuitive app.


Best Practices

Benefit from the asset management lessons learned while supporting the biggest events in the world.


Why Flex?
Because the best companies in the world use Flex.

Our success is your success. When you feel the pride, or the fulfillment, or the enthusiasm
for your success and milestones, we feel that too, because we are invested in you.

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