Announcing our most expansive in-platform functionality for event staffing management: Flex StaffingPlus

Flex StaffingPlus is a seamless, integrated solution that creates a better experience for Flex customers and their crews.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, – October 11, 2023 – Flex Rental Solutions, the first-ever asset and inventory management solution built from the ground up for the events industry, announced today that it is launching a beta version of Flex StaffingPlus to become the first-ever asset, inventory, and staffing management solution built from the ground up for the events industry. Flex StaffingPlus will give Flex customers a seamless, integrated solution that creates a better experience for both Flex customers and their crews.

The Pandemic changed the way the event industry manages their workforces and staffs their jobs. With fewer full time employees and companies relying on more freelancers, the time required to staff a job has become untenable. Coupled with a booming industry, a bottleneck to growth was created for many customers. Flex was able to quickly identify this issue by analyzing usage data across our 1,000+ customers and a comprehensive outreach initiative quickly confirmed this as one of our customers’ biggest pain points. The launch of Flex StaffingPlus aims to address these most immediate needs.

“Flex StaffingPlus was crafted in the same way everything is at Flex: by the event industry, of the event industry, and for the event industry,” said Chris Stein. “When we hear our customers have a bottleneck or pain point preventing them from achieving more success we want to help them solve it. While we are thrilled to be launching Flex StaffingPlus, we will continue to update and enhance Flex StaffingPlus just as we do the Flex platform.”

Flex StaffingPlus was designed to save time and minimize frustration by removing the bottleneck caused by traditional manual crew sourcing. Key features include:

  • Staffing Dashboard: Flex StaffingPlus allows you to see all of your staffing needs in one glance, and the gantt chart view makes it easy to hone in on all the open roles that require staffing.
  • Availability Inquiry: Flex StaffingPlus gives users the power to send one-time bulk notices to query freelancer availability. The potential crew members' simple yes or no response automatically updates in the system.
  • Job Offers: Once freelancers are confirmed available, Flex StaffingPlus users can instantly send job offers with a single click.
  • Call Times: Enhancing generic start and end dates, Flex StaffingPlus provides for specific call and end times for each freelancer, and generates finished daily Call Sheets.
  • Purchase Orders: Flex StaffingPlus allows users to automatically generate Purchase Orders from the staffing line item of each job.

And the early feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Patrick Giovanniello, President of VCI Worldwide shared, “The ability to inquire about availability and send offers from within Flex is an absolute game changer! It will literally save me hours and hours of reaching out to people individually to try and fill a role.”

Industry expert Tom Stimson, President at Stimson Group LLC, added, "Very early in my career, I recognized that assembling the show crew was the most important part of planning an event. Staffing is so critical to your success and reputation; it deserves a robust system to support your efforts."

The beta for Flex StaffingPlus is currently full. For those interested in getting early access, you can sign up for the waiting list or get more information at


Based in Salt Lake City, UT, Flex Rental Solutions was founded in 2009 by live events industry veteran, Chris Stein, and immediately established itself as the fastest growing platform in the industry. Flex Rental Solutions was the first-ever asset, inventory, and staffing management solution built from the ground up for the events industry, Flex is created on a mission-based foundation of “good enough – isn’t.” With a focus on iteration and innovation, Flex is best known for its customizable ease of use throughout an organization. In 2022, Flex launched Flex Asset Management Solutions to help organizations like schools manage the devices that are loaned to students. It has already helped save hundreds of hours of time and tens of thousands of dollars in lost assets.
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