Church Equipment and Inventory Management Software

Multi-Congregation Capabilities

Many church congregations, no matter the size, rely on audio and visual equipment to enhance their services. This equipment might be needed for musical or other performances, live streaming, or amplifying the voices of speakers. Some churches may even need to move equipment from one campus location to another, while bigger churches might loan out their equipment to smaller congregations. Others will offer their congregants offsite events that need to be adequately planned and monitored.

With all of the coming and going of expensive equipment, it's vital for churches to have an organized system to keep track of it all. Costly speakers, lights, projectors, and more could easily get lost in the shuffle or damaged without the right tracking methods. And though self-designed management systems may work for a time, keeping records on spreadsheets or clipboards is bound to fail eventually. That’s why church inventory management software is so important for expensive gear, especially for multisite churches like the Church of the Highlands.

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Flex Church Inventory Management

If your church is looking for a better solution for church inventory management, Flex is here to help. Our church inventory management software is simple and easy to understand. You won’t spend hours training your AV team or stumbling through the process.

Instead, you’ll have a quick and intuitive way to keep track of church audiovisual equipment. You’ll save time and money by minimizing losses and never having to hunt down your church sound room equipment or live stream technology.

How Flex Works

Flex offers you total control over church music equipment, church video recording equipment, and other expensive physics you need to add sound and video to your services. Our GTS tracking solution offers inventory scanning and the ability to track equipment, check availability, log maintenance, and more. This is the perfect option for churches who don’t need the financial and sales features of our other Flex software.

The cloud-based system can be viewed anywhere in the world, on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Flex GTS comes with complimentary tech support and automatically backs up all of your data. With Flex, you’ll never have to wonder about the status or location of your church video recording equipment or music equipment again.

Here are even more features you’ll love with Flex GTS:

  • Store information like barcodes and serial numbers
  • RFID scanning support
  • Quickly create pull sheets
  • Record repairs and cleanings
  • Task and content management all in one

Try Flex Today

No matter the size of your congregation, your equipment is a big investment. It’s time to keep better track of it and ensure its safety. Whether you own livestream equipment for church, expensive video equipment, or any other technology, you can easily track and manage it all with Flex.

We’re excited to show you how Flex can help you run the behind-the-scenes of your services more seamlessly than ever.

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