Church Asset Tracking: Benefits & Best Practices to Consider

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A church should be a safe haven, and safe havens require order and structure. Visitors to your church are eager to relax, meet like-minded people, and enjoy peaceful prayer. Managing your church’s assets helps ensure your religious institution exudes competency and strength, driving a more positive experience for your congregation

Churches today have to keep track of everythingfrom projectors to laptops and everything in between. With the aid of efficient, cloud-based asset management software, you can easily track, update, and improve your church asset tracking. 

Learn how software can help you efficiently track church assets to save time and money.


Understanding Your Church’s Needs

Every church has a thousand behind-the-scenes tasks to create a smooth and uplifting experience for its visitors. Asset management software tools can make day-to-day management a breeze. 

The key to using asset management software correctly is identifying what you need to achieve and why. Whether you need to keep track of a hundred laptops or a dozen large display screens, church asset tracking software provides a user-friendly interface and an organized spreadsheet system so you can keep up with daily demands. 


Questions to Consider

To determine if you should invest in asset tracking software, consider the following questions:

  • Are you continually missing supplies or electronics?
  • What is the average number of losses per year?
  • What are the current shortcomings of your asset management system (too much paperwork, excess steps, etc.)? 
  • What equipment often goes missing (tablets, cameras, etc.)?
  • Are you struggling to manage maintenance and assign deadlines?
  • Are visitors leaving because of disorganization?


Tracking Your Information in One Place

Asset management requires a lot of steps, such as invoicing, policy updates, and followup. The more working parts, the more things that can go wrong. The right asset-tracking software for a church is a one-stop shop for your daily asset management needs. 

“If your church has more than one campus, organizing all your equipment and assets is even more complicated. As equipment is moved from one campus to another, items can sometimes be lost or damaged—or needed by two campuses at the same time.

Adding more complexity, your house of worship may conduct daily outreach activities to the community—classes, charitable giving services, music practices, and much more. In that case, assets are at constant risk of loss or damage.” Chris Stein, CEO of Flex Rental

Asset inventory management software meticulously tracks your church’s assets, whether they’re on campus or around the city. With the aid of a simple scan or search, you can tap into any information related to an asset, allowing you to update as you go. 


Managing Your Inventory

Laptops and cameras can be helpful but expensive. Losing just one can set your church back hundreds of dollars. How do you organize down to the last detail?

With the aid of tracking software, numbers, barcodes, locations, addresses, and individual contact details are kept in one place, updated on the fly, and accessible to the entire team. 

Alongside laptops, this software can keep track of tablets, projectors, display screens, pamphlets, and books. There is no limit to the number of assets you can track.


Setting Up Reminders

People juggle a hundred obligations on any given day. How do you ensure they bring back church assets on time and undamaged?

Scheduled reminders encourage accountability and increase the chances of your church assets being returned promptly. With asset tracking software for the church, you can assign maintenance tasks, such as laptop battery checks and equipment check-ins. 

You can also narrow down the facility the item came from and the day it was checked out or repaired. Make sure to give people a reasonable amount of time to visit and answer common questions upfront so you can avoid confusion.


Using Check In/Check Out Systems

The most reliable way to ensure your church assets are returned is to have a check-in/check-out system to fall back on. 

Church asset tracking determines who uses the check-in/check-out system, when, and for what asset. Most importantly, it conducts annual inventory reports so you can comply with local regulations and be consistent with previous years. 

With tracking, you can ensure each asset is used and maintained properly to avoid damage claims. Staying on top of your asset management can create a domino effect that ensures your entire church runs smoothly.


Asset Tracking Software

Each camera, tablet, or projector goes on a journey once it’s in the hands of a borrower. Tracking software makes sure it never goes too far or never goes off the grid. 

Asset tracking software allows you to look up the location of each asset and assign maintenance or check-in/check-out requests at will. Expectation management is key to ensuring your staff remains responsible so that future churchgoers won’t be left without the resources they need. 

Why is church asset management important? 

Church asset management provides tools to help your church store real-time records of all hardware and software components. 

This allows your team to: 

  • Gain full visibility, control, and flexibility over these assets.
  • Acquire real-time data to ensure you’re maximizing utilization—reducing operating costs and getting the best return on your investment.
  • Ensure all congregation members receive an organized and positive church experience.

What are examples of church assets?

Church assets vary depending on the needs of your congregation. But they generally include audio and video equipment—assets that help elevate the worship and community experience. 

Examples include, but are not limited to: 

  • Laptops
  • Display screens 
  • Cameras 
  • Projectors 

How does church asset tracking work? 

Church asset tracking software offers a cloud-based system that allows you to track all of your video and audio assets in real time. From inventory scanning to log maintenance, the features provided by the software aim to make monitoring your assets much more accessible. 

This data meets you where you are. No matter where life or business finds you, you can rest assured you’ll be able to access your asset data from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. 


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“If you’re not using cloud-based software to store data and manage your equipment, it’s safe to say you’re behind the times. Today, everything seems to be stored in the cloud—and for good reason.” Chris Stein, CEO of Flex Rental


With so many shifting variables, the benefits of inventory management software make it easy to update on a rolling basis. Every new detail will be seen across the board by all parties, whether it’s a new check out or a maintenance task. This ensures everyone has the peace of mind and ability to track where each asset is at all times.

With Flex, you can manage your church—and all of its congregants and assetswith confidence. We’ll help you keep your assets safe and organized so you can get back to the bigger tasks at hand. 

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