Chromebook Tracking Software: Helping School Districts With Asset Management

Chromebook and mouse

  Getting back to school was challenging enough without adding the pandemic into the mix. Even before the pandemic, tracking a school’s assets was a challenge that could be costly if mismanaged. For example, in 2020, Greenville, South Carolina, public schools reported 4,000 missing Chromebooks worth nearly $1.2 million. These losses cost schools money, making…

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Church Asset Tracking: Benefits & Best Practices to Consider

A church should be a safe haven, and safe havens require order and structure. Visitors to your church are eager to relax, meet like-minded people, and enjoy peaceful prayer. Managing your church’s assets helps ensure your religious institution exudes competency and strength, driving a more positive experience for your congregation.  Churches today have to keep…

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Flex Ability Sessions: A Continuous Improvement Plan To Help You

We recently found ourselves having an interesting conversation with Flex founder and CEO, Chris Stein. While it started with a question to which we can likely all relate, “How can we create a better experience for our customers?”, it became something more specific: “How can we help our customers better implement and customize their Flex…

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Save time and money as you go back to school with Flex Rental Solutions

Asset and Inventory Management Leader Seeks to Raise $100,000 for School Technology Resources in Underserved Communities SALT LAKE CITY, UT– September 1st, 2022 – Flex Rental Solutions, the leading cloud-based inventory management platform, announced today the launch of a 2022-2023 school year-long $100,000 fundraising effort to help schools in underserved communities elevate their technology resources,…

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What Is Asset Tracking & How Does it Work?

Asset Tracking logistic worker

  95% of all businesses in the US are hurt by employee theft. Make sure yours isn’t one of them with an extended 6 month free trial of Flex Asset Solutions. Click here to get started.   A company’s physical assets are on the move every day. A single asset can change hands and ownership…

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5 Ways Asset Tracking Software Will Benefit Your Business

95% of all businesses in the US are hurt by employee theft. Make sure yours isn’t one of them with an extended 6 month free trial of Flex Asset Solutions. Click here to get started.   By 2027, there will be 267 million RFID enabled assets being tracked worldwide. Despite these rapid technological advances, many…

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RFID vs GPS Tracking: Which Is Better For Asset Tracking?

gps tracking

  RFID and GPS are both tools businesses can use to track and identify their assets’ current whereabouts. However, there are several differences between these two processes. But before we get into the details of RFID vs GPS tracking, let’s first define how each of these processes works.   What Is RFID? Radio-frequency identification (RFID)…

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Customer Spotlight: Quakertown Community School District

Quakertown Community School District

Meet: Quakertown Community School District Quakertown Community School District’s mission is to promote its students to become lifelong learners, who are able to pursue academic excellence, exhibit personal responsibility, provide service to the community, and respect oneself, others and the environment. In preparing for a rapidly changing 21st Century society, our students enter our schools…

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Customer Spotlight: Riverside EpiCenter

Riverside EpiCenter Building Exterior

Meet Riverside EpiCenter Riverside EpiCenter has been empowering people and inspiring communities since 2014 and has become the premiere event center in Atlanta. Whether a professional event (up to 1,200 people), a company offsite, wedding or family reunion they are your one-stop shop for social and corporate functions, team-building events, and seminars.   Located minutes from…

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