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Meet Riverside EpiCenter

Riverside EpiCenter Building Exterior

Riverside EpiCenter has been empowering people and inspiring communities since 2014 and has become the premiere event center in Atlanta. Whether a professional event (up to 1,200 people), a company offsite, wedding or family reunion they are your one-stop shop for social and corporate functions, team-building events, and seminars.  

Located minutes from downtown Atlanta, with a state of the art SoundStage theatre, a ballroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, sports hall, arcade games, bowling alley, rock climbing wall to the podcasting and recording studio their LEED Silver certified facility has you covered. Given their facilities and top of the line customer service it is no wonder why people are lining up to plan their next EPIC event at Riverside EpiCenter. Nor is it surprising that their business has been growing, and along with that purchasing many new assets, rapidly.

Najja Edwards

Enter Flex Asset Solutions

Having worked in many different production facilities over the years Production Manager Najja Edwards realized that Riverside EpiCenter was at an inflection point. Given the ongoing growth of the business they were continuing to buy more and more new equipment. At the same time they didn’t have a proper way of managing it. He was concerned that sooner or later things would start to walk away or disappear and require a costly cycle of replacements. Some smaller things had already begun to go missing reinforcing Najja’s sense of urgency.

So he and Director of Technical Services, Adam Ledgister, started to look for a solution to meet the needs of their growing inventory of assets. They considered a variety of options including Asset Panda, investigated building a solution of their own before ultimately discovering Flex Asset Solutions. As soon as they saw the product at work (via a demo, schedule yours today) they knew they had found the right solution.

Why Flex? In the words of Najja because it was easy to set-up. We were operational within days, not weeks or months. It also made it possible to leverage the infrastructure and work we had already done around barcoding. And finally because it was easy to get up to speed given the intuitive interface and streamlined workflow.

Adam Ledgister, Director of Sales & Technical Services

Getting started with Flex

When we asked Najja on a scale of 1 (not easy) to 10 (easiest) how easy it was to get up and running, he resoundingly responded with a 10. Working with his team independently he was able to get the system implemented within days. As they went through the process they had daily check-ins with the Flex Customer Success team to get guidance, direction and help to resolve issues as they arose in near real time. Now just a few months in they already have 300+ assets being managed and have full visibility into who or where each has been assigned.

What surprised them most? The ability to really detail an asset. Purchase cost/date, serial number, maintenance, warranty, depreciation. Every field/data point they wanted to capture was readily available and the reporting made it easy to quickly see where assets were currently deployed. Further as they went about gathering the serial numbers and additional data needed to get up and running they performed a de facto audit of their inventory.

Now they have a proper system in place to help them manage their burgeoning inventory of assets. And further they added resiliency for the future. If a key employee should leave no one would need to guess what assets they have, where it came from or where it is.

Logo for Riverside Epicenter

What’s next?

The team at Riverside EpiCenter started by inventorying their key assets. In the weeks and months ahead they intend to capture new types of assets like air chillers, chairs, tables and more. They also intend to capture more attributes on the assets to ensure they can effectively manage them and maximize ROI. Be that routine maintenance tasks, depreciation schedules or warranty expiration dates. With easy reporting they’ll never miss another opportunity to extend a warranty. And by investigating the maintenance log they’ll have the information they need to decide if it is a worthwhile decision or not.

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Flex is proud to have worked with Riverside EpiCenter and its passionate team since 2021.

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