Flex Ability Sessions: A Continuous Improvement Plan To Help You


We recently found ourselves having an interesting conversation with Flex founder and CEO, Chris Stein. While it started with a question to which we can likely all relate, “How can we create a better experience for our customers?”, it became something more specific: “How can we help our customers better implement and customize their Flex experience in order to achieve the most success imaginable?” 

Chris was more direct, “Using Flex is a team sport and we need to do a better job helping our customers create a continuous improvement plan after implementation.” We interrupted. “Wait. What’s a ‘Continuous Improvement Plan?’” And this is where we think the conversation got really interesting.


We know that companies that have the best success with Flex are the ones who have a lead that takes product ownership during the trial experience, the implementation, and beyond. “Flex will shapeshift to fit the processes and needs of any company, and the way to get the absolute maximum value of this state-of-the-art benefit is by continuing to feed it with information and data. We need to work more closely with our customers to make sure that happens.”

The question then becomes, how can we do better together? How can we become a more active part of your Flex Continuous Improvement Plan? For starters, we recommend that our customers hone Flex to their specific needs with a monthly meeting. This meeting (just for fun, let’s call them Flex Ability Sessions), would create the opportunity for any Flex stakeholders to check in, speak up, and ensure that all Flex systems are operating efficiently, including:

Company goals review:

  • Did we hit last month’s targets?
  • What are this month’s targets?


An ongoing Flex recap/How is Flex helping hit the goals?:

  • What is working well (successes)? 
  • What isn't working well (pain points)?
  • Review of any new feature activations.
  • What should we start doing/stop doing in the next month?

We know you have a vision for your company. We know you have revenue goals and growth goals. The not-so secret value of Flex is that it helps our customers discover efficiencies, scale seamlessly, and identify hidden growth opportunities. A well-executed Continuous Improvement Plan managed with monthly Flex Ability Sessions helps make this possible. 

And while we know that you have the talent and leadership necessary to execute these meetings and keep your company moving forward, we all get a little stuck sometimes. So for the one, two, or three percent of the time when the wheels stop turning, we’re here to help. You  can bring us into the meeting to facilitate and mediate any challenges that might just be too big to overcome without some outside expertise. We’ve seen it all and we can offer that knowledge to get you back on track and rolling forward. We’ll give five complimentary Flex Ability Sessions consultations on a first come, first served basis (limit one per customer) and share learnings and themes for the benefit of all. 

We’re continuously improving to achieve the most success imaginable. We only succeed when you succeed. Let’s do it together.

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