Finding a Cloud-Based Rental Software That Works

If you’re not using cloud-based software to store data and manage your equipment, it’s safe to say you’re behind the times. Today, everything seems to be stored in the cloud—and for good reason.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Rental Software

Cloud-based storage is more secure and more convenient than on-site storage, allowing you to access data from anywhere in the world on any device. Plus, you’ll always have your data in a safe location, even if your system crashes or you lose equipment.

Cloud-based software is particularly beneficial to companies and organizations renting out expensive gear or managing a warehouse full of inventory. Unlike clunky spreadsheets and archaic clipboard check-out systems, cloud-based solutions update in real-time and allow numerous users to get reports at any time.

So, where can you get the best cloud-based rental software or management software?

Our Products

Flex Rental Solutions offers intuitive and reliable cloud-based solutions for all of your equipment management needs. Whether you’re renting out your gear to clients or need a more efficient way to track inventory within your company, you’ll find the perfect option at Flex. 

Flex Rental Software

Do you rent out cameras, laptops, and other technology? If so, Flex Rental Software is the ideal choice for managing your equipment. Our cloud-based equipment rental software offers useful features to streamline the process and make keeping track of your equipment easier than ever.

Enjoy helpful inventory management features, such as:

  • Scanning inventory 
  • Tracking location
  • Creating quotes
  • Invoicing customers
  • Scheduling labor
  • Viewing availability

Flex GTS

When you want all the features of our traditional rental software, but don’t need to worry about finances and sales, our Flex Gear Tracking Solution is the best choice. This easy-to-use software automatically backs up your data to the cloud and gives you tools to:

  • Control assets 
  • Track maintenance 
  • Manage contacts
  • Create pull sheets
  • Build to-do lists

RFID Warehouse Tracking Software

You have a warehouse full of costly equipment, and you’re looking to minimize losses and create a more efficient workflow. Our RFID Warehouse Tracking Software gives you the power to cut down on scan time, reduce costs, and manage your warehouse from one simple package.

Get Your Cloud Rental Management Software

It’s time to create a more efficient and secure process for managing your inventory and equipment. Contact Flex today to learn more about our cloud rental management software

Our software is made for all types of businesses and organizations, from schools and churches to party rental and entertainment companies.

You’ll get greater control over your equipment, reduce time spent managing inventory, and minimize losses with our effective solutions. Once you try it, you’ll be wondering what took you so long to modernize your outdated management systems. Get in touch to learn more with our live demo.