Boost your productivity with Flex

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It's 9:00AM, do you know what's on your task list today?

At Flex, we set out to solve the unique operational challenges experienced by inventory and rental managers in a wide variety of fields. But, if there are a few things most of us have in common it’s the need to boost our productivity, to make every deadline, and reduce the amount of time spent on redundant tasks. We’ve built productivity tools right into Flex so you can better manage your time and your to-do list. Here are some features, tips, and tricks that will help you work better.

Create a Cheat Sheet

Cheat sheets are a great tool when you don't want to ransack your warehouse for an inventory item to scan. If you need easy access to items during the scan out process, just create and print a Cheat Sheet. They're great for all non-serialized items like cables and power supplies for adapters. You can create Cheat Sheets by dragging and dropping items from the Inventory Tree. Also, little known fact, you can build Cheat Sheets with serial units by enabling serial unit browsing in the Inventory Tree.

Read more about cheat sheets here.

Productivity Hacks in the Catalogue Worksheet

The Catalogue Worksheet is a powerful tool that will assist you in managing your inventory. In the Catalogue Worksheet, you can view and edit important information about your inventory, including item name, group membership, purchase cost, pricing, and more. One thing many of our Users don't know is that you don't need to drill down to a specific item record to edit the fields. You can do so right from the column, allowing you to make quick changes as they come up. You can also easily apply bulk edits to  items in the expendable column. For example, you might have different varieties of gaff tape listed as non-expendable, but you want to mark them as expendable.

Learn more about the catalogue worksheet here.

Do ‘All The Things’ with Notes and Tasks

Need to follow up with a customer? Create a Reminder Task right from the Correspondence Log. Need to make sure you've built the Quote correctly? Create a Task for your Account Manager right from the Quote. Flex makes it easy and convenient to accomplish every important item on your to-do list and to document important communication. For example, creating a Quote for a Contact will pull up that note in the Notes tab of the Quote, alerting you to important information that you would have otherwise missed. When viewing the new Quote, the Notes tab will be highlighted in red to notify you of an unread note. You can also use notes to alert you of important specifications for your venues. You can create additional notes within the Quote itself, and the notes will show up under the Job Notes tab for whoever is the Account Manager for that particular account.

Check out this webinar on productivity best practices with notes and tasks.

Have a cool productivity hack in your Flex toolkit? Share them with us and we might just feature it!