Flex Rental Software Features

A robust set of features to help your team get work done.

With decades of combined AV experience, our team has developed a powerful software that addresses the unique challenges that face our industry.


Warehouse Management

Flex is built with real-world warehouse and inventory needs in mind. Flex offers powerful tools for modeling inventory the way you use it, with built-in support for virtual items, racks, kits and road cases. Our equipment dashboard shows you where all your gear is at the present time, and our availability calculations are fully integrated with backorders and sub-rentals.

Quote Building

The Quote is the main financial document in Flex. Most people will start the job building process with a Quote. You can add inventory and services to a Quote, create a Pull Sheet, add POs as child documents, generate an Invoice, and more.

Inventory Tracking

The Inventory Manager is a powerful tool that will help you in managing your inventory. In the Inventory Manager, you can view important information about your inventory like quantity on hand, current location, container location, barcodes, and serial numbers.

Barcode Printing

Flex supports most common barcode scanners. This includes includes wireless, Bluetooth, and USB wedge-style scanners via a quick and easy to use scanning process offering rich progress feedback, instant error notifications, and voice prompts for long-range wireless operation. Flex can integrate directly with specific networked barcode printers, eliminating the need for preprinting barcodes or using third party label printing software.


Flex is the leading web-based rental management software in the industry, allowing you to enjoy the best user experience and simplest deployment available. No expensive software licenses are needed. Flex takes care of the networking, hosting, and product maintenance for you, letting you focus on your rental management business. Data is automatically backed up daily using redundant, geographically distributed cloud storage. For our larger customers, traditional enterprise licensing is available, and Flex can be integrated with existing databases or servers.

Unlimited Users

We understand that there are many employees in your company who will need to utilize Flex, and we make it easy for everyone to have the access they need. Flex offers unlimited, customizable user access for all of our customers at every subscription level. Flex also integrates with Google Calendar and Facebook events.

Contact Management

Flex provides customizable management of contacts including customers, vendors, freelance labor, and venues. Schedule your follow-up calls and employ default discounts and payment terms to help you effectively manage relationships. Multiple locations and address types can also be added to contacts.

Financial Management

Flex allows for invoicing and payment tracking as well as offers many useful and intuitive reports. Intuitive drag and drop technology allows for efficient addition of line items to quotes and documents. Financial information can be hidden for specific user groups, and financial document views are configurable. In addition, Flex also supports integration with QuickBooks™ Desktop for Windows and QuickBooks™ Online to leverage your existing resources.

Custom PDF Reports

We provide custom reports services, and can deliver your custom report within as little as one-two weeks. Reports can be Excel, PDF, or Word format, depending on your needs. Whether customer cover pages for sales quotes, company informational documents, custom quote layouts, term layouts, custom manifests, etc. we can build a report for almost all requests.

Maintenance Tracking

You can log maintenance on inventory items within Flex, keeping a record of all repairs, updates, cleanings, etc. You can also create an unlimited amount of maintenance procedures that best fit the needs of your company. A maintenance report can be created within Flex, showing the maintenance records found between specific dates.

Labor & Staffing

Flex offers search functionality and scheduling of crew members for the overall crew call, crew email communications, and the ability to easily view each crew member’s full schedule. Statuses, workflows, and jobs are all configurable to support your own processes and terminology.

Rental & Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders in Flex can help you keep track of purchases that you make, including pricing, vendors, and more. You can either create a standalone Purchase Order for general purchases, or you can create a Purchase Order as a child of a Quote when you need to purchase something specifically for a job.