Flex5 enters beta phase

Flex Rental Solutions team is excited to announce that Flex5 for iOS and Android tablets is currently in beta testing. Previously, Flex5 was in early access, which means it was only available to select users willing to provide user feedback. Early access allowed us to gather critical data on performance and usability. Now that we’ve tested with early access users and addressed any initial concerns, we’re opening up the tablet release to a wider, but limited, beta user audience. Our team of developers are working hard to release Flex5 to everyone. When it is, Flex5 Tablet will be available for download from the App Store on your iPad and on tablet Android devices using the Google Play store. Chris Stein, Flex Rental Solutions CEO, along with our Product Manager Branden Rosenlof and Customer Support Specialist Lisa Fossler went on a listening tour to some of our Flex5 bet testers this month to gather feedback and see how our customers might use it in real life.

Flex5 has been a labor of love

Flex5 has been a labor of love for everyone involved, including Chris and Branden, our tireless and determined team of developers led by Technical Lead Roger Diller, and our Quality Assurance Analysts Maria Barker and Penny Howard. As with any labor of love, we want to nurture and develop it as much as possible before sending it out into the real world. We’re excited that moment is getting closer.

Features in this release Flex5 for tablets include:

  • Contact Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Bluetooth and Camera Barcode Scanning
  • Prep and Return Jobs
  • Free Scan In and Out
  • Logging Maintenance
  • Inventory Schedule
  • New Dashboard with customizable widgets

So you’re probably asking, how do I get my hands on Flex5?

Since we’re still in the early stages of our beta phase, we’re granting access to beta users on a case-by-case basis. If you’d like to test Flex5 you can submit your application to be considered. There will be a limited number of beta testers, so we will reach out and provide further instructions if we can accommodate your request. You must be a current Flex customer in order to use Flex5.

Apply To Be a Beta Tester