Meet the Future of Warehouse and Equipment Inventory Management Software


With mobile access and a new sleek design, Flex5 will redefine how you manage your inventory in the warehouse and beyond.


About Flex5

Curious about progress? Read the latest update here.

Flex Rental Solutions is ushering in the next generation of inventory and rental management software. Flex5 is our new HTML5 user interface and features a complete rewrite of Flex’s inventory management software.

Free your warehouse and account management staff from clunky workstations and empower them with next-generation apps that will transform how they work and ultimately how you deliver value to your clients.

  • Flex5 Tablet and Phone are available for download on the Apple App Store for iPhones and Tablet and in the Google Play Store for Android Devices.
  • Flex5 Desktop Alpha version will be released shortly to a select group of customers and will feature the ability to create and build sleek financial documents, like Quotes, with ease.
  • You'll also be able to run Workflows and Reports against these quotes.

Flex Rental Solutions will revolutionize the way you manage your inventory with Flex5. It’s more than just a pretty interface — the new UI offers a streamlined user experience, while the new multi-tenant backend architecture will enhance scalability, speed, and reliability for users.

Flex5 - Reliability and Speed

We know your business profitability depends on being able to build and send out quotes quickly to your customers. Flex5 is built for speed and reliability, so you can build large quotes in seconds.


Flex5 Features


With Flex5, we want to facilitate how rental, production, and live events companies manage every part of their business. Using Flex5 Tablet and Phone, users can search, call, text, or get direction to a contact right from their phone or tablet. Flex5 has finally freed the warehouse staff from being tethered to large laptops and desktop stations. Users can search and view all inventory and contacts, as well as prep pull sheets, return manifests, create and edit inventory, log maintenance, and more.

With Flex5 Desktop (Coming in Q4 2019), users will be able to build Quotes, run Workflows and Reports, and will feature Basic Inventory View with some tabs (Quantity, Serial Units, Out of Commission, and Scan Log tabs). 

Flex5 Timeline

Flex Rental Solutions began preliminary user interface design for the tablet version in early 2016. FlexRental Solutions used focus groups, user research, and usability testing to develop a product that not only improves user experience but also performance.

This timeline will show you the progress we’ve made so far with Flex5. Check back often for updates in major milestones, technology, and feature development.



More than just a pretty interface.