Gallagher Staging and Productions drives new standard for the AV industry

Rihanna's Custom Set for the iHeart Radio Music Awards

Rihanna's Custom Set for the iHeart Radio Music Awards

Gallagher Staging & Productions continues to set the bar for premier events across the nation, owing much of their success to the hardworking and talented team they’ve established six years ago. With safety as their key ingredient, the Gallagher Staging team has built both custom and rental stages and structures for the most iconic brands, artists, and venues in the world.

In 2011, father and son Joe and Joey Gallagher launched the company in southern California. Together, the duo has over 30 years of experience in the industry and works with thousands of repeat customers. Gallagher Staging currently runs five locations across the country: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville, Las Vegas and Florida.

“Our growth is based on the personal relationships we build with the customers we service. Ensuring proper care of our customers keeps them coming back,” said Adam Swingler, Business Development Executive at Gallagher Staging.

KAABOO Festival

In 2017 alone, Gallagher tackled many memorable jobs across the board. At KAABOO Del Mar, Gallagher built multi-level VIP platforms, a pool deck with an inset pool, a tetrahedron entrance structure, multiple 30-foot tall mural canvases and multiple 3-sided audience video structures​. They fabricated custom set elements for Green Day’s Radio Revolution Tour, leading to their 2017 Set Construction Company of the Year Parnelli Nomination. Gallagher even brought their skills to the football field and manufactured the custom tunnel for the Los Angeles Chargers.

Muppets Most Wanted Premiere Structure

Muppets Most Wanted Premiere Structure

Among their impressive client list includes massive corporations Disneyland, Universal Studios, Google and Apple. With no sign of stopping anytime soon, Gallagher kicked off 2018 building a custom truss structure for Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

To accommodate clients’ needs, Gallagher recently expanded its Nashville Fabrication Shop, furthering their custom manufacturing capabilities. This expansion called for the company to implement a whole new sector in Flex.

Pushing the Limit

Gallagher’s ability to fabricate custom set elements and structures in order to meet any vision imaginable sets them apart from the rest.

“We can always provide a solution to our clients’ needs. If they want to transform a park into a concert venue or convention center into a multilevel seating structure for presentations, we can do that for them,” said Swingler.

Whether the client calls for their performance stage to resemble a forest made up of 30-foot tall foam-sculpted trees or requests a mobile 60-foot wide castle to travel with them on a music tour, Gallagher efficiently executes the job.

“We can also offer support for large structures that can house video walls, audio and lighting,” said Swingler.

Just last year, the team provided a huge custom shade structure for the Purple Stage at Hard Summer 2017 - accommodating the venue change only one week prior to the festival.

Their Biggest Accomplishment is The Team

It is only because of their strong team Gallagher Staging has reached where they are today. Although they have won several Parnelli Awards and Top Dog Awards for the Staging and Set Construction Company of the Year, Swingler believes their biggest accomplishment is the assemblement of the great individuals representing Gallagher Staging - all 130 of them.

Each year brings new challenges ahead for the Gallagher team and calls for them to embed utmost safety and environmental stewardship in everything they do.

“Not only do we plan on exceeding levels of product, customer service and quality, but we’re implementing even more protocols and requirements to ensure the safety of our staff while eliminating any possibility of our actions negatively affecting the rest of the world,” said Swingler.

Rather than sitting back and waiting for changes to happen on their own, Gallagher Staging plans on driving a new standard for the industry.

The Engine Behind the Powerhouse Staging Company

Gallagher Staging originally implemented Flex for inventory management and gear tracking when the company was eight months old. After overcoming a slight learning curve, Gallagher continued to extend Flex capabilities to other parts of their operation, from planning to manufacturing, scheduling, scanning and invoicing.

"I have pushed the boundaries of what elements can do by utilizing them with our Manufacturing side of the business," said Swingler, "it is not much different than the Rental process other than the fact the rental returns to us and a manufactured item is shipped and does not return."

A big customization win for him was being able to automatically schedule production tasks.

"I created a logistic flow that enables me to schedule production tasks that show up on my Google Calendar," added Swingler. 

Swingler says Flex support has been instrumental in helping him achieve some of his software goals.

"I know the Flex support techs by name," said Swingler, "Randy is helping us right now with streamlining workflows, it has been very helpful."